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DOTA Mogul Khan guide (item strategy)

Updated on May 16, 2010

Story of Axe

In the war of Humans and Orcs that occured long ago many Orcish warriors were corrupted by demonic influence and became tools of blackest darkness. One such warrior was the leader of the Half-Tribe of the Bloodied Axe Clan; Mogul Kahn. Mogul was slain by human Paladins but mysteriously was seen fighting alongside the Scourge around the time Mannoroth started to command the Orcs in the war against Archimonde. Mogul Kahn the Axe has been revived by demons and uses his reflexes and powerful blows to hunt down and seek out the Sentinels' agile warriors and cut them down to size, even projecting his lust for war onto them.

DOTA Mogul Khan fan artwork.
DOTA Mogul Khan fan artwork.

Mogul Khan's Items

You should check out the this DOTA Axe guide first if you're not used to playing the character here (site shut down). Some of these items might require familiarity with playing him before they'll make sense.

Here's some thoughts on common equipment:

  • Vanguard: Everyone and their pet grandma likes to buy some of these. But are they worthwhile? The first sure can be when mixed in with your skills, there's great synergy there. But there's no reason to be a vanguard Axe. Laugh at everyone who buys three or four of these, there's much better items.
  • Heart of Tarrasque: A fantastic choice in DOTA. Works well if you've gotten your vanguard, and possibly other tanking items. Experienced players won't go after Mogul first due to his being much harder to kill - but other people will. Making an unkillable tanker Axe works extremely well during pub stomps.
  • Blink Dagger: Helps you aim your taunt much better. You can't go wrong buying this item unless your teammates are horrible.
  • Shiva's Guard: An extra nuke and helps slow. It's an uncommon Axe item, but might be a better choice than an assault cuirass. It all depends on how the DOTA game is going for your allies.
  • Lifesteal: It's nice, but you should save it for an afterthought. Try to grab items that have synergy with your skills first. Sure, you expect to get hit (& want to be for counter helix), but reduce the damage with blocking instead. You need to do serious damage DPS before life steal works well on him.
  • Butterfly: Evasion is not good on this hero. Any Mogul Khan guide that might tell you otherwise without proof isn't one you should be listening to.
  • Dagon: Very uncommon unless playing in pro DOTA games. Blink in, taunt, hit with a dagon energy burst, follow up with a Battle Hunger (if the enemy isn't running yet), then Culling Blade. Works extremely well.

What do you buy for Mogul?

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    • profile image

      Fax 6 years ago

      My item for axe is

      2 vanguard, boots of travels, heart of tarrasque, cranium basher, battle fury ..

      Don't know strong enough or nt!!

    • profile image

      asas:S 6 years ago

      noobs!ªªªªªª axe doesnt needs battlefurry he already has an aoe skill !!!

    • profile image

      stephen 6 years ago

      for me best items is

      1 treds

      2 vanguard

      3 blaidmail

      4 dagger

      5 tarrasque

      6 cuiras

    • profile image

      fL0.0Rfev3R| 7 years ago

      my item 4 axe is:

      1 boot of travel

      1 vanguard

      1 blademail

      1 mjonir

      1 lothar edge

      1 heart of tarras

    • profile image

      Baby_Axe 7 years ago

      My build is heart of tarrasque



      phase boots

      buriza de kyanon

    • profile image

      •nevermind± 7 years ago

      My build for axe is:

      1 power treads

      2 vanguard

      1 battle fury

      1 heart of tarrasque

      1 cuirass

    • profile image

      niÑo 7 years ago

      my item for axe will be 2 vanguards, 1 battlefury,1 heart of tarrasque,1 assault curass,1 radiance.

      tnx very much!

    • profile image

      soulkage 7 years ago

      i use power treads,hood of defiance,battle fury,heart of tarrasuqe,vladimirs,kelens dagger

    • profile image

      noobzai 7 years ago

      i play axe like this 2 vanguard,1shiva ,1 blademail, 1boots of travel and a heart of tarrasque or divine rapier.....but it all depends on the liking of the player

    • profile image

      Aleksa 7 years ago

      Aithink 2vangards Bots of travel terasko mancy black bar end snova guard

    • profile image

      leo landle 7 years ago

      i use 2 vanguard,buriza do kanyon,monkey king bar,phase boot and divine rapier

    • profile image

      drop-dead 7 years ago

      mine is 2 vanguard., a battle fury, buzira do kyano, and vladimir..

    • profile image

      HeMoHeMo 7 years ago

      my item for axe ls boot of travel,vanguard,blade mail,heart of tarrasque,shiva guard and radiance.enjoy

    • profile image

      ArchangelTyrael 7 years ago

      I use Double Vanguard , Boots of Travel , Kelen's Dagger , Radiance , Heart of Tarasque , Divine Rapier

    • profile image

      ZGG 7 years ago

      my.. 1 battel fury.. 2 taras.. 1 bload ston..

      1boot tevel.. 1 butterfly..

    • profile image

      max 8 years ago

      i use vanguard,helm of dominator,

    • profile image

      trizokx 8 years ago

      i go for 1 vanguard,1 heart,1 BoT,1 Radiance & Kelen dagger 1 slot is dependent on scenario

    • profile image

      lukeds1000 8 years ago

      my build for axe is 2 vanguard,1 tarrasque,1 quirras,1 butterfly,1 buriza do kyano

      thats all^_^

    • profile image

      levi 8 years ago

      my items for axe is:

      1 phaseboots 1 battlefury

      1 vanguard

      1 tarrasque

      1 cuirass

      1 blademail

    • profile image

      JIo 8 years ago

      My build for AXE is

      2 Tarrasque

      1 Boots of Travel

      1 Battle Fury

      1 Radiance


      1 Buriza Do Kyano

      Best Build For Axe TRY it

    • profile image

      nOobs bOyz 8 years ago

      my iteMs is 2 vanGuarD..phaSe boOts..hEart oF taRrasQue..baTtle fUry and stYgian dEsolaTor

      thAts aLl..

    • profile image

      latief 8 years ago

      my item for axe is 2 Tarras,1 BoT,1 Cuirras, 1 bloodstone, 1 Blade mail

    • profile image

      ewewewe 8 years ago

      i dont know i still noob

    • profile image

      gomer 8 years ago


    • profile image

      nicky asuela 8 years ago

      my itemfor axe is 2 vanguards,1 hot,1shevas guard,threads,cuiras