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DOTA Lord of Olympia guide (item strategy)

Updated on July 4, 2009

Quick tips

  • You might be tempted to rush a refresher orb with Zeus as some guides recommend, but wait! You won't have the mana to use it for anything yet.
  • The lord of olympia and the aghanim scepter aren't as good a match as most people think. Whether or not it's a useful choice depends on the DOTA heroes you're up against.

Zeus story

Once a diety of unfathomable might, the Lord of Olympia reluctantly sacrificed his much relished immortality in exchange for the chance to crush the sinister armies of the unholy undead. As his soul crossed into the mortal plane, his omnipotent powers withered greatly, yet not nearly enough to quell this destructive Thunder God's resolve for justice. Ever vigilant in his relentless assault, the Scourge cowers in fear of incurring the fearsome wrath of Zeus.

Lord of Olympia fan artwork
Lord of Olympia fan artwork

Lord of Olympia's items

Here's some thoughts on items for your DOTA Zeus build:

  • Orchid Malevolence: A popular item, but it all depends on how you'll be playing zeus. You don't have enough attack range to use it for DPS well. However, the silence debuff and improved damage from your spells might be enough of a reason to buy an orchid.
  • Heart of Tarrasque: Want to be a tank? It works well, depending who you're up against. Like the blink dagger, if you use it in a pub match, you'll scare your enemies. Many may have never seen a lord of olympia with a heart. Only buy one. The regeneration bonus of this DOTA item doesn't stack.
  • Aghanim's Scepter: A pretty poor, but common choice. You'd be much better off with something that adds a little more than 100 damage to your character. Like, for example, at least half of the DOTA items for Zeus listed here.
  • Refresher Orb: Much better than the scepter, and the only reason you should even consider getting one later is if you have a refresher. Don't buy it early on, the Lord of Olympia won't have enough mana to use it effectively. It also gives you the chance to release more static fields during the battle, reducing enemy hp by an extra 16%.
  • Shiva's Guard: A good DOTA item choice on the Lord of Olympia. Extra nuke, plus the ability to slow enemies. You can't go wrong with that! It'd be even better if Static triggered from it's use, but it doesn't.
  • Guinsoo: Many people tell you to purchase it, but it all depends on how you plan on playing him. Are there enemies that the DOTA lord of olympia needs to disable? Putting someone out of commission for a few seconds might buy you the time to cooldown a second lightning bolt. Use the skill to start any fights if possible to maximize your chances.
  • Blink Dagger: Planning on being a battle zeus? It's a good buy in that case. You'll be able to chase and nuke easily. Your attack range won't be a problem any more with kelen's dagger either. A blinking zeus is one to be feared... no one ever knows what to expect from you! Don't bother with it if any of your enemies will be purchasing a radiance.
  • Bottle: A good early game choice. It'll give you enough mana to nuke someone to death with Arc Lightnings.

There's pleny of other DOTA Lord of Olympia items out there. Comment farther down with your own choices & what you think of them!

Which items do you buy?

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    • profile image

      khile 6 years ago

      can he use maelstorm?

    • profile image

      daniel 6 years ago







    • profile image

      dashgold 7 years ago

      zeus lord of olympia may first ever use hero in dota

      now i can use any hero in these game

      you using the name of my idol IceFrog how despirate

      i defeated IceFrog.

      by: dashgold

    • profile image

      IceFrog 7 years ago

      my item build to lord of olympia is

      -arcane ring




      -Kelen's Dagger