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DaGeDar Balls Are Hot Christmas Playing Toys, Search Online! (Target, Dagadar,

Updated on October 13, 2011

Move over Bagugan, new DaGeDar racing character balls are rated as number one toy choice for 2011 by Jim Silver who is an analyst for the Time To Play magazine. These little brightly colored character balls are affordable to get, sets will start for under $5 and the racing tracks go up to $30. But there is a catch! Dozens of different balls can be collected and kids can register their collection online and compete against each other. So I'm guessing these whimsy looking little balls CAN get quite expensive in the long run.

Don't expect to find them everywhere either, many super markets are sold out as the holiday season approaches. Your best bet is to look online and or eBay is always a good place to search. DaGeDar website notes them being available at Target, WalMart and Toys R Us. As far as Walmart I could not find them listed on their website. Target had them listed under wrong name Dagadar, says they are available at stores but not online. At the moment Toys R Us have the biggest selection of tracks and balls available for ship.

Google shop search lists about ten stores in US selling DaGeDar, many of the shops say only limited quantities of racetracks are on stock. I'm not sure if that is a marketing gig or a true story, but if you plan your Holiday Shopping early on, these are gonna be hugely popular among young kids. Website says you should not give them to kids under 3 year old due to choking hazard.

You can learn more at


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