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Dancing Is Fun Dress Up Game Review

Updated on November 8, 2010

Another exercise in copyright violation from My Play Yard comes to us in the form of 'Dancing is fun', a game that nobody even bothered to capitalize. Unlike the Bratz game also featured on the same website however, this game limits its copyright infringing powers to simply flashing 'Dancing With The Stars' up on the screen when the game begins.

I must say, when I first started the game, I thought that the designers had been particularly forward thinking and actually included a same gender duo. It looked very much as if a typical feminine lady was dancing with a short haired renegade style lady. It looked this way because of the bright red lipstick that the male is wearing. I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with this, in fact I welcome more gender ambiguity in gaming. Too often games create silly stereotypes to pander to the masses. The fact that 'Dancing is fun' has decided to allow the male lead to wear lipstick and a beaded necklace says a lot about the modern world.
Like most of these dress up games, simplicity seems to have been the watchword when designing 'Dancing is fun'. To play the game you just click on icons and sort through available outfit and make up combinations until the voices in your head start baying for blood.

The graphics are less than spectacular too, though I will give them credit for judicious use of shading and a valid attempt to place the characters in an actual dancing position. It's entirely possible that there is some dance that involves the male lead taking the female by the outstretched arm whilst the lady wraps her arm around her neck. Perhaps she's about to go into a graceful pirouette. In the meantime however, she looks vaguely broken, as if her joints all point in the wrong direction.

On the plus side however, there is a nice piano piece that plays in the background whilst you dress up your dancing pair.

When one considers that not one, but three causal gaming enterprises have their labels plastered across the game, it seems strange that a little more effort wasn't put into simulating some kind of game play. With quite literally hundreds of dress up games available on the internet, it takes more than some shiny floor simulations and a strangely androgynous male partner to make it to the top of the field.


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