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Dante's Inferno: The Absent Sequel

Updated on August 5, 2019
Melinda Dawson profile image

Melinda is a single mother of two children with a passion for writing. She is a self-published Amazon author, and she works part-time.

Dante's Inferno was a dramatically epic action game that takes you deep into the pit of Hell literally. Developed by Visceral Games the game was released in 2010 for XBOX 360 and PlayStation 3. The game it's self is loosely based on the Inferno, which is the first of Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy.

The game follows Dante, reimagined for the game as a knight of the crusade, who is guided down into hell by the spirit Virgil to fight his way through the eight circles of Hell. His goal is save the soul of his beloved Beatrice from the clutches of Lucifer himself. As you play through the game your primary weapon is a scythe that you gain through defeating death in the opening scenes of the game.

The game is an action-adventure that engages in some pretty fast paced combat situations. However, it wasn't the fast pace gameplay that caught my attention when it came to the game.

What really stands out about this game is the circles of Hell that you are delving down into. Each level is a wall of insane tasks to descend, but once you get into the circles the environment is magnificently horrifying. The creators of the game really went above and beyond to bring you their version of Hell.
The non-stop screams of the suffering and the sheer grotesque appearances of the demons sets this game on a whole new level of horror for me. With each descent Dante travels further and further into a realm of twisted fates and monstrous creatures which helps to create that perfect 'Hell' atmosphere as you play.

Now, when I got the game I played it over a good several times just to enjoy every aspect of this game. If you played the game then you know that they ended it with the words 'To be continued' as Dante finally reaches Mount Purgatory. This had me super excited for a second game to come out. With the amazing gameplay and wonderful storyline a sequel was something I was deeply looking forward to.

Despite this cliffhanger of an ending Visceral announced that they had no plans for a sequel. There were even heavy hints way later after the developers remark that a sequel would be written up, but still nothing has happened. Now, with the closing of Visceral Games in 2017 it looks like we will never be getting that sequel that was hinted at when ending the game.
So, sadly enough, this is one game we will not be getting a sequel to.

If you liked the video game enough to seek more about the story you can always watch the Animated movie that was released at the same time as the game. It's a fun, quick paced movie done by several different artists that was very entertaining. Of course, there is always the book by Dante Alighieri, and though it wasn't action packed like the game it still gives a good visual on Hell as the descend.


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