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Dare to Dream Lifesized

Updated on August 9, 2010

Wouldn't it be nice?

With all there is to see, I became enamored with one special place on a recent trip to the New York City borough of Manhattan.  I had been there before, but this time, I think I needed to dream a little bit. 

Anyone who has spent some time in Manhattan knows that you can basically find anything in Manhattan if you look around enough.  I spotted a young man dressed and acting just like Michael Jackson within the first hour of my visit.  Even the police officers were joking with passersby, "did you see Michael?"  and a tourist jokingly replied, "yes and now I am waiting for Elvis."   I wandered past Madame Tussaud's spotting George Steinbrenner in wax on my first walk and a few days later there was Johnny Depp in the front window.  I waved at the Shrimp at Bubba Gump Shrimp and bought myself a "Shrimp is the Fruit of the Ocean" Tshirt so that I too could recite all of the shrimp dishes that Bubba told Forrest while they were training for military battle.  I checked out all the cool rock and roll items at the Hard Rock Cafe, had a burger and great specialty beer at the Heartland Cafe, visited the Hershey AND the M&M stores.  I walked past the theaters where wonderful shows such as Mary Poppins, Green Day's American Idiot, Billy Elliott, The Adams Family were going on each day, hoping desperately to get a glimpse of those wonderfully talented performers.  I peered in the windows of Sardis thinking of the old Doris Day movie "Please Don't Eat the Daisies" where she would meet her critic husband after he reviewed the Broadway shows. 

The wonder of Times Square only gets better at night when the streets are filled with people and the lights are brilliant, shining and flashing.  I just enjoyed taking it all in.  Being an observer in a tourists world, I was not a tourist, I live in New York.  Not in Manhattan, but just across the harbor.  I can visit whenever I wish, I do not need to save up my frequent flier miles to get to New York, I simply have to get on a boat or go over and bridge and tunnel.  But I don't get there enough, so when I do, I spend a great deal of time looking around, taking in the sights and sounds.  Loving the architecture of the old buildings AND the new buildings.  Enjoying the amazing amount of activities available, that you don't even need to so to enjoy the atmostphere, 

But this time around, I kept gravitating back to one special place.  I guess I was missing my children, but I just truly enjoyed being there this time.  I had to go the Toys R Us.  Walking in and seeing that huge ferris wheel inside the building, then moving about to each and every toy section.  Its like you truly become a child again.  The Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty made completely from legos, a life sized Dinosaur roaring at you, but never harming anyone.  Any toy you can possibly want a great place to be a kid.

Then I saw it, the Big House.  I truly switched back to being a little girl.  I saw the life sized Barbie Dream house.  There it was.  I HAD to go inside.  I could barely take my eyes off of it.  I always wanted one as a child, never got one, however, my daughter has one.(IS that so Mommy can play with it?)  I needed to go inside.  I walked through the doors and up the stairs and enjoyed looking through the windows as if I was Barbie in her house.  Sadly, its not filled with life sized dream house furniture, but its still lots of fun just the same.  There are shelves of Barbie merchandise bound to thrill anyone who loves those dolls enough to past through that front door and into the pink mansion.  I was one of those people.  I took a minute and stopped to think,  Imagine if that was real?  Imagine if I could move into the Dream House just like Barbie?  I sent the picture to my daughter who immediately said the next time I went to Manhattan, she was coming just to visit the house.  Oops, I had her coming there for the Art Museum, and now this, well, its okay, we can do both.


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