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Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin - Complete Trophy Guide

Updated on January 1, 2016


This is for the PlayStation 4 Version of the game, though there's only minor differences with the PlayStation 3 version, the trophies don't actually stack together and the console will create a new set of trophies for you, completely separate from the PlayStation 3 version.

A couple of reminders before I list down the trophies:

  1. Do not kill any NPCs, this cannot be stressed enough. You need some of them in order to obtain certain trophies like Lucatiel.
  2. Certain items have been moved around, so please don't be surprised if you can't find items when you're sure of their location.

Platinum Trophies (1)

  1. The Dark Soul - Obtain all the trophies

Gold Trophies (2)

  1. Selfless Giver - Max out your devotion to any covenant
  2. The Heir - See the ending, doesn't matter which

Silver Trophies (23)

  1. Supreme Weapon - Enhance a weapon to its limits
    • The best way to do this is to get any ordinary weapon like the Longsword and upgrade it. Special weapons like the Drangelic Sword would be hard to upgrade since they need Twinkling Titanite.
  2. Gesture Maestro - Learn all gestures
  3. Master of Pyromancy - Learn Pyromancies
  4. Master of Miracles - Learn all Miracles
  5. Master of Sorcery - Learn all Sorceries
  6. Master of Hexes - Learn all Hexes
  7. King's Ring - Obtain the King's Ring
  8. Ancient Dragon - Acquire the Ashen Mist Heart
    • You don't need to kill the Ancient Dragon, just speak to it and it will give you the Ashen Mist Heart
  9. Sinner's Bonfire - Light the Primal Bonfire in Sinner's Rise
  10. Iron Keep Bonfire - Light the Primal Bonfire in the Iron Keep
  11. Gulch Bonfire - Light the Primal Bonfire in the Black Gulch
  12. Brightstone Bonfire - Light the Primal Bonfire in Brightstone Cove Tseldora
  13. Looking Glass Knight - Defeat the Looking Glass Knight
  14. Vendrick - Defeat Vendrick
    • It's recommended that you obtain 4 Giant Souls before you fight him as his defense increases to 32x more without them.
    • Defeat the Ancient Dragon, Memory of Orro, Memory of Jeigh, Memory of Vammar and there are two in a secret cave at the Black Gulch near the door that leads to Darkdiver Grandahl.
  15. Change of Clothes - Give Rosabeth of Melfia something to wear
    • You need a Fragrant Brach of Yore to unpetrify her. You can find her near the entrance of Shaded Woods, in the same place as Benhart of Jugo.
  16. Curious Map - Light all the flames on the map at Majula Mansion
  17. Gathering of Exiles - Increase the population of Majula
  18. Moonlight Greatsword- Obtain Benhart of Jugo's Equipment
    • You need to take Benhart with you to three battles and he must survive in order for you to complete this trophy. The Red eye ring is highly recommended for this as it agrros a boss towards you. Allowing NPC summons to remain relatively unharmed.
    • He can be summoned for the Prowling Magus, Looking Glass Knight, Giant Lord and Throne Defender & Watcher boss battles.
  19. Holder of the Fort - Obtain Captain Drummond's Helmet
    • Speak to Captain Drummond within the Memory of Vammar to obtain his helmet, but you must first defeat the Giant Lord in the Memory of Jeigh.
  20. Lucatiel- Obtain equipment from Lucatiel of Mirrah
    • You need to take Lucatiel with you to three battles and she must survive in order for you to complete this trophy. The Red eye ring is highly recommended for this as it agrros a boss towards you. Allowing NPC summons to remain relatively unharmed.
    • She can be summoned for the Flexile Sentry, Lost Sinner, Smelter Demon and The Rotten boss battles.
  21. Smith for Life - Obtain Steady Hand McDuff's equipment
    • Give the Dull Ember to McDuff, then light the torch and sit on the bonfire to have him move to a different spot in his shop, then spend 40,000 souls on his wares and 10,000 souls on weapon infusion.
  22. Garrulous Miser - Obtain Laddersmith Gilligan's equipment
    • Spend 12,000 souls and buy the miniature ladder model from Gilligan.
  23. Reflections of Disembodiment - Inherit equipment from the head of Vengarl
    • Defeat Vengarl's headless body in the room after the boss battle with Duke's Dear Freja.

Bronze Trophies (12)

  1. Self Recollection - Obtained after meeting the Firekeepers in Things Betwixt
  2. This is Dark Souls - Die for the first time, you'll get this no matter how hard you try not to.
  3. Last Giant - Defeat the Last Giant
  4. Brilliant Covenant- Discover the Heirs of Sun covenant
    • A broken statue can be found in Harvest Valley, it's near the second bonfire where there's poison gas and two giant riders.
  5. Protector Covenant- Discover the Blue Sentinel covenant
    • Defeat the Old Dragonslayer and speak to the man behind the boss room. You need to be in human form when you speak to him or else he'll refuse any attempts in conversing.
  6. Sanguinary Covenant- Discover the Brotherhood of Blood covenant
    • You can join this covenant by talking to the dwarf wearing a sack on his head. You need at least one red soapstone in order to join.
  7. Covenant of the Meek - Discover the Way of the Blue covenant
    • Speak to the man sitting on top of the stairs in Majula, exhaust his dialogue and join the Way of Blue covenant.
  8. Gnawing Covenant - Discover the Rat King covenant
    • Speak to the Rat King after the Rat Vanguard boss battle
  9. Clangorous Covenant- Discover the Bell Keepers covenant
    • Speak to the dwarf near the entrance of Belfry Luna.
  10. Covenant of Ancients- Discover the Dragon Remnants covenant
    • Speak to Magerold, the NPC shop at the Iron Keep. You need a Petrified Egg in order to join this covenant.
  11. Covenant of the Fittest - Discover the Company of Champions covenant
    • In Majula, near the Blacksmith's house, you'll find a path that leads up the mountain on the right side. There's a large tablet there, interact with it to join this covenant. Beware though, this covenant will make your game a whole lot harder.
  12. Abysmal Covenant- Discover the Pilgrims of Dark covenant
    • You need to speak with Darkdiver Grandhal in three locations: The Shaded Ruins, Drangelic Castle and The Black Gulch.


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