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Dark Souls II Walkthrough, Part Nineteen: Harvest Valley - The Mines

Updated on March 17, 2014
Dark Souls II owned by Namco Bandai. Images used for educational purposes only.
Dark Souls II owned by Namco Bandai. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

Pleasant Harvest Valley is a place of poison and peril, and the deeper you go the more the mines stretch around you and threaten to engulf your life. But you're on a mission, kinda, and it wouldn't do to be stifled. Time to venture into the most perilous regions of Harvest Valley and see what's to be seen.

Harvest Valley

- Leave the Bonfire and take a right. You'll come out into a clearing. Be very careful while walking here - there are holes in the ground that will drop you down into poisonous mist. A ladder down here leads back up to the open area, and you can find a Soul of a Nameless Soldier on a body in the poison. If you run all the way to the end you'll find a ladder; up it is a chest containing a Poison Stone and three Rotten Pine Resins. You can also reach this chest by jumping down onto it via a path ahead.

- There are several paths you can take here. Start by checking the left wall. There's a path through the rock here. Walk along it until you see a wooden wall ahead; roll away from it, as one of the big brutes will burst through and attack. Dispatch or avoid it, as it's honestly not a huge threat. To the left of this beast is the jump down onto the aforementioned chest.

- Turn back along the previous path. On the left is a branching in the path that is surrounded by small rocks. These rocks will prevent you from retreating... which is bad, as there are four sickle-wielding creatures on the other side, in a wide-but-not-wide-enough arena. Use the ramps here to separate yourself from the pack and hit them from afar, constantly moving around and keeping away from your enemies. Melee fighters will have trouble not being overwhelmed, though a shield will help. Don't set about it until you've killed three brutes. You'll find three Green Blossoms on the corpse in the open and a Large Titanite Shard, a Large Soul of a Brave Warrior, a Radiant Lifegem, five Lifegems, a Simpleton's Spice, a Skeptic's Spice, and a Titanite Shard in the blocked mineshafts surrounding this area. Bash them open with a weapon. Some have ghouls in 'em, so be prepared to fight more creatures if you go about opening these.

- The shaft with the Titanite Shard has a split passage at its rear. To the right is a corpse carrying a Fragrant Branch of Yore. To the left is a creature that carries Titanite Shards. Kill it quick before it scuttles into the pit of poison in front of it.

- The right passage leads back to the open area near the Bonfire. Hop back down, use the Bonfire if you wish, and go down the passage to the right. There are two more energy-lobbers in a pit ahead, and they can't really hurt you unless you accidentally fall down. Ignore them unless you want souls. There's also a bridge ahead, and a creature with an enormous hammer waits on it. Draw it back to stabler ground before wiping it out, or shoot it from afar.

- There are two paths through here, either across the bridge or to the right of the bridge and through a narrow passage. Go across the bridge towards the building set into the rocks. You'll see rows of urns ahead; get close enough that another hammer creature appears, smashing several. These things are filled with poison. Let it emerge away from the urns before taking it on. If you run far enough he'll die from the poisoning.

- You'll find yourself in a green-tinged room, above a wider area. There's a third hammer-wielder up here. Snipe it or jump down to take it on. There's another in an adjacent hallway, but they're slow enough that you shouldn't have much trouble getting away if you're weakened.

- This room leads to a new area, Earthen Peak. We'll explore it elsewhere - there's still more to be seen in Harvest Valley. Head back outside.

- Across the rickety bridge and to the left you'll find a thin path through the rock, leading to a sickle-wielding creature. Dispatch it and continue on.

- You'll soon come to a small, oddly-beautiful sunlit area. This is the Altar of Sunlight, and it allows you to enter the Heirs of the Sun covenant. Even if you don't want to join up, you can earn the Praise the Sun gesture here.

- This leaves just one place left to explore: the poison clouds. Eugh. You'll find a ramp back up to safe land near the entrance to the large, open area. Check the corpse by the bridge for a Soul of a Brave Soldier and a Chameleon; the skeleton against the right path's ledge for a Titanite Shard; the passage near the ramp for a Human Effigy and a Large Titanite Shard; and down the other passage by the ramp for a Fading Soul and a Simpleton's Spice. You have to fall down through the largest hole in the open area to reach this last passage.


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    • MattWritesStuff profile imageAUTHOR

      Matt Bird 

      4 years ago from Canada

      Yep, you are correct. Too many rights and lefts. Thanks. And I have seen the lootz behind him, but I can never seem to lure him back there. He just sits there and slings his shadow goop at me. I'll try again today.

    • profile image

      Dave Badkid 

      4 years ago

      Also if you trick the big guy into melee hitting you into the wooden board behind him, he will break it open for lots of loots :)

    • profile image

      Dave Badkid 

      4 years ago

      Third paragraph: "Start by checking the right wall." It's to the left :P The right wall goes out through into a pit with two big shadow ball throwing guys and a brute further round the bend.


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