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How to Make Burlap/Grass Wrap Camo for Mosin - DayZ 0.48

Updated on August 27, 2014
Full camo and grass wrap on Mosin 9130
Full camo and grass wrap on Mosin 9130 | Source

In the world created by DayZ, survival is key. Often you do not realize you have been spotted by another player, until you are already dead or unconscious. Camouflage goes a long way to help you blend in with your surroundings, and elude being spotted.

Dayz update version 48.124737 expands the use of a burlap sack beyond allowing you to craft bags, which was added in a previous update. Now you can craft the burlap sack into a wrap, stuff it with grass, and end with a (ghillie-type) camouflage wrap for your Mosin 9130. Follow these three simple steps, and your gun will now be disguised to look more like the surrounding wilderness.

Items needed to make camouflage burlap wrap for Mosin in DayZ standalone version 48.124737.
Items needed to make camouflage burlap wrap for Mosin in DayZ standalone version 48.124737. | Source

What You Will Need

  • Mosin 9130
  • Burlap Sack
  • Machete or Knife
  • Be near grass

Crafting Steps

  1. Use machete or knife to cut burlap sack into wrap for gun
  2. Add grass to newly crafted burlap wrap
  3. Apply burlap/grass wrap to Mosin 9130

Step 1 - Craft Burlap Wrap

Open your inventory window. Click and drag your machete or knife over the burlap sack. The knife box will turn orange, indicating an interaction can be made. After releasing your primary mouse button, a dialog box will appear reading: "craft burlap wrap". Select this action. You now have the burlap wrap in your inventory.

DayZ standalone version 48.124737:  Use a machete or knife, and a burlap sack, to craft a burlap wrap.
DayZ standalone version 48.124737: Use a machete or knife, and a burlap sack, to craft a burlap wrap. | Source
Action: "add grass to wrap"
Action: "add grass to wrap" | Source

Step 2 - Add Grass to Burlap Wrap

With the burlap wrap held in your hands, point your cursor at any grassy area. An action message indicator will pop up reading: "add grass to wrap". Click your action button.

Grass wrap, crafted for the Mosin 9130, in DayZ standalone version 48.124734
Grass wrap, crafted for the Mosin 9130, in DayZ standalone version 48.124734 | Source

Step 3 - Apply Wrap to Mosin

After the first two steps are completed, you simply click and drag the wrap onto the Mosin 9130.

Stealth Attribute

Personally, I am quite fond of this update. I have been hoping DayZ would add ghille suits for some time, and this is a step in that direction. This grass wrap is effective at disguising the shape of the rifle. Any person familiar with stealth tactics, is well aware that changing the recognizable shape of a man or gun goes a long way to help stay undetected. Hopefully full ghillie suits are not far behind this update.

I was hoping to find more cooperation among other players in this game. DayZ is a survivalist game, so bartering with another player seems most beneficial for both parties. Occasionally I cross paths with a person who is willing to exchange goods. We both get something we wanted and go our separate ways. However, that is not usually the case. So, being well concealed in full camo, helps keep me alive when the other party is not cooperative. I can initiate conversation, with the peace of mind knowing I am well hidden. And if any bullet is to meet it's target, the odds will be in my favor.

Where to Find Items

Burlap Sack
Police Station
Residential tool Sheds and Garages
Residential tool Sheds and Garages
Long Farm/Industrial Barns (not the feeding stables)
Storage Container Sheds
Industrial Buildings
Fire Station
Industrial Buildings
Storage Container Sheds
Military Barracks
Long Farm Barns
Industrial/Dock Sheds
Each category is sorted with the most likely place to find the item at the top

Video: Showing process of crafting Burlap/Grass wrap


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