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De Blob Walkthrough 27: Chroma Dam Part 6, INKT Academy, and Crane Fighting

Updated on March 30, 2009

The Twenty-second Challenge is all about painting pumps green and pipes blue.  This isn’t hard at all. 

The Twenty-third Challenge is all that is left.  All you need to do is go up the area, minding the pistons that shoot out.  You may have noticed these things earlier.  Hit the switch and Z-pad quickly over the burners to the other Z-pad.  Time it so the pistons don’t hit you as you go.  Keep working up. 

Now, a lot of Inkies will try and take you out.  If you want, you can go to the sides.  Just depress the lever and some areas will emerge that can take you to the shaking area.  Get the right colors, and do it.  There is some extra time bonuses if you need it.  The blue and the yellow sides have ample paintbots. 

Once it is all over, go ahead and unlock the gate to get out.  You have succeeded in everything if you have painted everything over.  If not, go back and do it. 

INKT Academy

This one is pretty hard, as it involves crushing 100 Inkies.  Start by getting all the paint that you can with the paintbots that you have been given.  Take out all of the bad guys down below, at least the ones who will storm you. 

It helps to get the Inkies in the crowds, as you can squish a lot more that way. 

Refill with paintbots on the edge and take out the Heavy Inkies.

Refill with more paintbots and take out all the little INkies and the heavy Elites.  What is really going to help you are the 30-carrying paintbots. 

This is one of those things where you have to learn to do this again and again until you get it right, and very fast. 

If you get inked, you probably are not going to make it.  This is one of those challenges that you got to get to right on the first try, or not at all. 

Crane Fighting

Take the first paintbot, and use the Z-pad.  Here, there are a few paintbots that you can get.  Take out all the Heavy Inkies. 

Eventually, you will work to an area with more paintbots.  Take them out, and the Heavy Inkies on the next crane. 

Double back and then use the paintbot to make a large jump to another area.  There are about four Heavy Inkies that have to be taken out here.  This is another level that you have to do right all at once the first time, or not at all. 

Once they are all gone, make your way to the Exit Pool. 


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