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De Blob Walkthrough 60: Ministry of Ink Part 5, Hill Climb, and Deep Down

Updated on March 30, 2009

This next level has the Seventeenth Challenge.  This involves getting 50 green paint points, and then turning brown and dealing with 50 paint points here that will be revealed.  You will need to stay brown and use the Z-pad to get to a higher level you can use the red, yellow, and blue to turn brown if you need more paint points.  From there, it is about jumping down to where you had the sixteenth challenge, and shaking the last one brown.  I found this one exceptionally hard to reach.  You will complete all the challenges, plus the Fifteenth Landmark and Sixteenth Landmark

There is only a few more loose ends to wrap up.  On the left side of this area is the Sixteenth Billboard, and the other side is the Seventeenth Billboard.  This wraps up the Billboards, and the last tree is here for the Tree Total of 15. The only thing left to do is go to the Exit Pool, which is only a Z-pad jump away. 

Hill Climb

Okay, this is all about coloring a certain area in a certain way.  I believe you faced a similar challenge on the first sub-level of the first level.

Start with a few squares of the yellow.  Go ahead and get the red and paint what you need to orange.  Then get the red and paint that.  Jump to hit the blue paintbot and paint it all purple.  Go ahead and do the blue with the blue paintbot, and then use the yellow paintbot to paint an area green.  Go ahead and go to the top, and use the yellow there to paint the final area and then the air cannon.  Take the exit pool out. 

If you somehow fall into the water, it is going to be quite difficult for you to catch up and get back to where you need to go, believe me.  Yeah, it really sucks when you slip up, too. 

Deep Down

This next area is like the billboard challenge that you previously faced.  You need to launch yourself and do a lot of wall rolling to do this one.  Just keep doing it but instead of painting billboards, you will be painting actual buildings. 

What isn’t really said at the beginning of this level (but really should be stated) is that it isn’t just buildings that you are coloring, but trees.  Look for them as you go.  Some of them are growing in the walls, and they have to be touched while you have some paint paints in order for it to count.  These trees are flashing white, and some are a little tricky to get to.  Once you have colored everything, leave via the exit pool.


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