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Dead Island Purple Skull Location: Developer's no. 4 Craft Mod

Updated on September 12, 2011

Dead Island has a number of various secret colored skulls scattered throughout the island of Banoi. There are at least 4 confirmed skulls: orange, brown, purple, and blue. However, there may be more than just those four on the island. Finding these skulls and dropping them off at specific locations rewards you with a secret weapon mod. These weapon mods are very expensive to make at a workbench, but they are better than normal weapon mods. Also, I have heard some speculation that you may be able to combine all the weapons to create a "super weapon." (This is not confirmed, this could prove false.)

Purple Skull location in Dead Island

This skull can be found in the sewers underneath the city of moresby. It is in the room with toxic barrels. There is a ladder that leads to a platform. Walk around the corner until you see a destroyed mattress & a weapons crate with the purple skull next to normal looking skulls. The words "it's our own fault" are written above it on the wall.

To make this room easier to find, look for a floater zombie enemy type. He will likely be beside the toxic barrels and the ladder leading up to the purple skull. A floater is the zombie that appears bloated & fat and vomits on you. They are difficult to kill quickly.

Do you think the developer's no.4 craft is too expensive?

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Purple Skull Drop Off Point for Developers no.4 craft mod

In order to get the weapon mod, you need to go to the apartment building where a woman is screaming for help outside her apartment in the city of Moresby. This leads to a mission where you need to kill all the zombies inside. Once completed, she will be on the top floor. In one of the side rooms is a stove. Place the purple skull on the stove and you will be rewarded with the developer's no.4 craft weapon mod.

This mod requires 5 diamonds and one battery. The cost is 10,000 dollars (very expensive). You can create a special explosive knife that kills zombies instantly with it. This is a must have for any character, but for Logan especially, since he is good at throwing weapons.


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    • profile image

      Isaiah 2 years ago

      Are there multiple sewers under moresby?

    • profile image

      element115 5 years ago

      if 10,000 is to much then go into the jungle and kill some zombies beware the butchers they are strong and fast

    • profile image

      ?????? 6 years ago

      It isn't expensive just go to the lab and get what's in the three safes the usually have between 4 -6 thousand dollars the leave with fast travel and return also some of the mini fridges usually have "brand champagne" which can be traded to diamonds . Problem solved.

    • profile image

      who knows 6 years ago

      your able to copy diamonds without having diamonds just figured out so look that up and you'll have no problem making the mods

    • profile image

      Angry 6 years ago

      Not working??? the skulls don't even show up in my invitory. I got it and whent to right place.

    • profile image

      Debbie Does Dallas 6 years ago

      Agreed with Razgriz. Toss those weapons, don't melee with them. Spending 10k + 5 Diamonds [equivalent cash value = 7.5k] is 17.5k. It will also cost about 10k to repair once the item reaches ~ 50% durability. You'll degrade the weapons quickly since they are knives.

      Of course there's the dev. craft 666 which is the hand of glova = shocking hand, but that consumes all your stanima when you use it. So, these items are more for shits/giggles, not necessary at all for getting through the zombies. Also, having 100% crit rate on the plaguebearing knife is rather high and borderline cheating ;) So use it if you're really having a tough time, but remember to throw them, don't melee with them. You don't have to be Logan to throw, heck I always start off throwing weapons with Xian Mei, just for the chance to proc. that shock or toxic mod.

      All in all, a nice diversion and treasure hunt but don't feel that they're absolutely necessary to using.

    • profile image

      Razgriz 6 years ago

      OR just throw it at the enemies...throwing weapons does not cause deterioration. Saves on repair costs.

    • profile image

      onarcotx 6 years ago

      The developers mod weopons are expensive to create but that's just the start. 1 stab with the plaguebearers knife took it's integrity down to 96 percent and cost $1,200 to get it back to 100 percent. also if you let it reach 0 and ruin it completely it will cost about $14,000 to repair. these items consume lots of your dollars and you will find yourself fast traveling from cashbox to till to maintain them.

    • profile image

      Pullenum 6 years ago

      I would recommend getting offline so you can work at your own pace and you wont be bothering anyone on a quest your trying to do for yourself, and because in order for you to go to a location you want, if your online the other player or players have to enter the area with you, if they don't want to you cant do anything about it

    • profile image

      Pullenum 6 years ago


      get on live or psn, join someone, check the the mission log to see if they have finished the mission if they have it will be under finished/completed side quests (keep joining people till you find one that isn't finished) if it isn't listed at all they haven't gotten close enough to the mission location to obtain the mission so go the location its on the east

      this video will show will show you the location

      at this point I would recommend getting off-line by unplugging either the wifi router (ps3 360s) or unplug the wifi dongle

      you'll be asked if you want to reload your save, don't

      go into the sewer to find the purple skull as you will have to recollect it (i went into the sewer nearest the church horizontally) explore for a bit and you will find it by climbing a latter to a ledge type area (youtube if need be)

      take the skull back to alicias house place it on the stove and you done...make sure it saves

    • profile image

      Roog 6 years ago

      go online and drop in on a random player :D

    • profile image

      Nightswarm 6 years ago

      ok i have the skull but i had already finished the mission in the apartment building that the trapped person was located and it wont let me in the building. what now? the mystery behind these skulls is very frustrating.

    • profile image

      Zombella 6 years ago

      10k is too expensive??? y'all gotta be kidding me right?