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Dead Island: Repairing, Upgrading, and Modifying Weapons

Updated on September 11, 2011

Dead Island is a first person role playing zombie game for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. Dead Island takes place on an island called Banoi. The island has beautiful beach resorts, forests, mountains, and more..But all is not normal on this tropical island, as there is a zombie outbreak on the island! You can choose between 4 characters who have different various abilities. Dead Island is a free roaming game where you can take on many quests. This includes the main quest and the optional side quests. Doing quests for characters on Dead Island grants you rewards such as cash, weapons etc.

Dead Island Repairing Weapons

It is very important to maintain your weapons on Dead Island because they become useless when they are damaged. Most weapons you find will be melee weapons like baseball bats, machetes, knives, hammers, and more. While you can get firearms, they are more rare and ammo will be hard to find. Guns are best used against other human characters who also have guns.

Work Bench

The work bench is very important because this is where you can repair, upgrade, and modify your weapons. These are found in multiple locations scattered throughout Dead Island. Many of them can be found in safe locations like the church in the city.

Weapon Decay

All weapons start to decay over time when you use them against the zombies. Eventually, they will become useless, and do virtually no damage to the zombies. Each weapon has a circle around it. When this white circle depletes the weapon has basically broken. Your character usually says something like "this weapon is useless."

Be sure to repair your damaged weapons at the work bench. It costs cash to repair them.

Dead Island: Upgrading Weapons

Weapons in Dead Island can be upgraded to have better damage, force, durability, and handling. A weapon must be fully repaired to upgrade it at a work bench. Upgrading costs cash and each weapon can be upgraded a total of three times.

You should only upgrade weapons that are around your character level because upgrading lower level weapons will not be as effective. Of course, you could upgrade weapons for other players and give it to them to help them out.

Dead Island: Weapon Mods list

  • Deo-Bomb
  • Deathstalker Mod
  • Molotov
  • Nuts & Bolts Mod
  • Barbed Wire Mod
  • Detox Gun Mod
  • Detox Shotgun Mod
  • Pistol Ammo
  • Torch Mod
  • Nail'd Mod
  • Weighted Mod
  • Heavy Mod
  • Shock Mod
  • Toxic Mod
  • High Voltage Mod
  • Old Smoky Mod
  • Sticky Bomb Mod
  • Impact Mod
  • Striker Shotgun Mod
  • Shock Gun Mod
  • Shock Rifle Mod
  • Shark Mod
  • Short-Circuit Mod
  • Phoenix Mode
  • Paralyzing Strike Mod
  • Piranha Mod
  • Pride Gun Mod
  • Magic Wand Mod
  • Pride Shotgun Mod
  • Tesla Mode

Weapon Mods

To make your weapons even stronger and more effective, you can modify them. In order to modify your weapons, you will need the necessary misc. parts & will need the actual weapon mod blueprint. These blueprints can be obtained throughout Dead Island by completing various quests. You can not modify a weapon without the blueprints (even if you have the parts).

The weapon mod will tell you what type of base weapon you need, the parts needed to mod it, and how much it will cost. You can mod weapons using a work bench.

You can also create throw-able weapons like a Deo-Bomb or Molotov. These are great weapons to use against stronger zombies like thugs, floaters, and rams because those zombies have more health.

Finding Miscellaneous parts in Dead Island for Weapon Mods

Parts needed for modifying weapons are easy to find (most of them) & you can have infinite amounts of them in your inventory. You find Miscellaneous items in trash cans, backpacks, drawers, dressers, and in other similar places scattered throughout the tropical island of Banoi.

Be sure to loot every zombie you kill because they also carry parts for modding weapons at times.


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    • profile image

      minecraft pro 6 years ago

      wrong thares the 666 mod

    • profile image

      Halle. 6 years ago

      How is that convenient? i'm in the middle of a mission trying to get fuel for this guy named Hank? i can't just turn back around and run to the work bench. I'm the middle of a mission? -.-

    • profile image

      evan 6 years ago

      How do you find the piste mod

    • iambigzak profile image

      iambigzak 6 years ago from Franklin KY

      Ive recently bought this game and Im in love with it. I have actually recamended this hub to sevaral peoplewho have been asking me about this game.

    • profile image

      Nyco 6 years ago

      This is not the full list of MOD, i ve found some of other ;).

      Like Glass or Jelyfish !

    • chelseacharleston profile image

      chelseacharleston 6 years ago

      Sounds like fun LOL