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Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, guide to Bike Parts, Combo Weapons, Mixed Drinks and Locked Doors

Updated on October 3, 2010

The launch of Dead Rising 2 has come with a very new type of DLC (downloadable content).  For the first time you can unlock a prequel chapter by downloading Dead Rising 2: Case Zero as an arcade game which you can unlock for 400 Microsoft points.  It gives you the beginning of the story and in true dead rising style you will have to save survivors and bash zombies in all kinds of creative ways.  If you are looking for a guide and a quick cheat sheet then read on.

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, Combo Weapons

This is a new addition to the game that allows you to combine different items on a workbench to make more creative weapons of destruction. Any item that can be combined has a blue wrench icon next to it. Simply pick up these items and place them on a workbench.

Spiked Bat - (Nails, Baseball bat)
Drill Bucket - (Drill, Bucket)
I.E.D - (Propane Tank and Nails)
Moltov - (Whiskey, Newspaper)
Air horn - (Traffic Cone, Spray Paint)
Electric Rake - (Rake, Battery)
Paddlesaw - (Chainsaw, Oar)
Beer Hat - (HardHat, Beer)
Boomstick - (Shotgun, Pitchfork)

  • Nails:Really common item, you will find them in LOADS of places including the safehouse
  • Baseball bat:The safehouse
  • Drill:The safehouse
  • Bucket:The safehouse
  • Propane Tank:The safehouse
  • Whiskey:The safehouse
  • Newspaper:The safehouse
  • Traffic Cone:You can find these in the alley behind Uncle’s Bill’s department store and at the quarantine area
  • Spray Paint: There is a can on the roof of the safehouse and in the alley behind Sheriff's Office
  • Rake:Uncle’s Bill’s department store,Big Buck Hardware store
  • Battery: Head behind the cinema and go to the very end of the alley. The battery is on top of the dumpster and requires two hands to carry!
  • Oar: As you come out of the safe house turn right slightly and head towards the green Still Creek sign. Where the outside wall of the first building joins the fence
  • Chainsaw: Big Buck Hardware Store
  • Beer: Really common item you will find this in loads of places but if you are stuck then try the Dirty Drink.
  • Helmet: Climb up to where Bob stands and go past him to the top of the fire escape that lets you access the top floor of the hotel. Either jump from the air-conditioner unit
  • Shotgun: Go upstairs in the Sheriff’s office and you will find it on a desk or in a display case in the hunting store
  • Pitchfork: Big Buck Hardware store.

Video Combo Weapon Guide

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, Bike Parts

The main task is to rebuild a motorbike so that you can escape with your daughter. Three of the parts need both hands to carry so you won’t be able to put them in your inventory and pull out a weapon.

Gasoline Canister (1 Hand):

This is near the petrol station pumps just outside the safehouse

Wheel (2 Hands):

This is found in the pawnshop which you will be able to access after saving Dick Jones

Engine (2 Hands):

The best way to get this is by going through the cinema out through the door to the right of the screen. The advantage of doing it this way is that you will have unlocked one of the doors for the “Locksmith” achievement

Bike Forks (2 Hands):

This is behind another locked door which you will need a key for. To get the key simply climb up to where the survivor “Bob” is shooting zombies from the roof. Head past him and jump across to the fire escape of the hotel. The key is in the last room. This key opens a shed which is up on the right hand side of the street towards the quarantine area. Before you head there though I would recommend climbing out of the window at the top of the stairs and then heading left across the rooftops and awnings until you get to the top of Bob’s Fish and Hunt. This store is locked and the only way to access is by dropping in through the roof. Once inside you can leave through the main door and this unlocks another door. The other advantage of opening this place up is the weapons inside. A special note goes to the broadsword which is a formidable weapon and is also required to get the last bike part.

Handlebars (1 Hand):

These will only be available after 3:00pm as one of the survivors is using them as a weapon. He won’t give them up unless you can give him a broad sword.

Bike Parts

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, Locked Doors

The Cinema Alley Exit:

Head through the cinema and out of the door to the right of the screen

The Sherriff’s office:

Go past the Sheriff’s office and climb into the alley that runs behind the pawnshop and Sheriff’s office. Simply go into the Sheriff’s and walk out the front door

The Watershed:

You will need to get the key from the hotel. To get the key simply climb up to where the survivor “Bob” is shooting zombies from the roof. Head past him and jump across to the fire escape of the hotel. The key is in the last room.

Bob’s Fish and Hunt:

After grabbing the key for the shed climb out of the window at the top of the stairs and then work your way across the roofs until you are on top of Bob’s Fish and Hunt. There is an access point you can drop through. Again the door will open from the inside.

Locksmith Achievement

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, Mixed Drinks

This is a feature that was available in the first version of Dead Rising and you’ll be glad it has been included in this version as there are some pretty useful things you can make!

Nectar: Attracts Queen Bees to you.

  • Orange Juice and Milk
  • Orange Juice and Orange Juice
  • Orange Juice and Whiskey

Painkiller: Health boost.

  • Beer and Beer;
  • Whiskey and Whiskey

Quickstep: Increases your speed.

  • Milk and Milk
  • Bacon and Pie
  • Bacon and Pizza
  • Orange juice and Soda

Randomizer: Random drink effect (WARNING: This drink has a strong chance of making you ill

  • Whiskey and Beer
  • Cooking oil and Pie
  • Cooking oil and Orange Juice

Repulse: Zombies will won’t attack you!

  • Hot Dog and Soda
  • Onion Rings and Chilli

Spitfire: You can spit a short range flame attack

  • Snack and Snack
  • Whiskey and Snack
  • Hot Dog and Whiskey

Untouchable: You can’t be grabbed by Zombies.

  • Bacon and Milk

Zombait: Attracts Zombies to you!

  • Milk and Pie
  • Beer and Hotdog

Energizer: Stops you being injured for a limited period of time.

  • Chilli and Chilli

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    • Eyetrap profile image


      8 years ago

      Nice hub, this game looks awesome. The combo weapon creator is so amazing, I've been waiting for something like that.


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