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Dead Space 2 Final Boss Strategy

Updated on May 25, 2011

Dead Space 2 Final Boss

The final boss on Dead Space 2 can be quite frustrating. You must fight three enemies at once; your girlfriend Nicole, the Pack necromorph enemies, and the marker itself. To actually win the fight, you must destroy the marker itself. The pack necromorph enemies serve as a distraction, but can easily kill you if you are not careful. Before this fight, you should have at least some ammo and medical supplies. The pack necromorphs will drop some items, but you still need to have some supplies yourself, otherwise, this fight will be very difficult -- especially on higher difficulties. A good start is to have a few medium medical packs and at least two weapons with some ammo in them.

Dead Space 2 Final Boss Strategy

Fighting Nicole
-Nicole must be shot at enough times, in order for the marker's weak spot to be revealed. Once this is revealed, shoot the marker's yellow weak spot.

- Keep your distance from Nicole. If you get to close to Nicole, you will instantly die. Issac Clark will shoot himself due to the marker's influence.

- A fully upgraded Javelin gun will hurt Nicole badly. Other weapons will work, but some will take longer to damage her.

Dealing with "The Pack Necromorph enemies"
- There will be a lot of pack necromorph enemies and they will keep respawning. Use weapons that can kill multiple necromorphs like the pulse rifle's alternate fire grenade launcher or the javelin gun's alternate fire.

- The necromorph pack will often drop ammo & medical supplies. Use your telekinesis power to safely pick these up from a distance in attempt to avoid taking damage.

Dead Space 2 Final Boss


During the length of the entire fight, you need to keep shooting and moving. Nicole will eventually teleport to try to get close to you. Stay away from her at all costs! The necromorph pack can also overwhelm you if you stand still. If your health is in the red, use a med kit quickly, or else all the necromorph will jump on you and kill you!

Shoot Nicole while moving backwards, while also shooting the necromorphs near you. Once Nicole takes enough damage, the marker will reveal its weak yellow spot. Shoot the hell out of this weak spot! Then repeat the same action until the marker is destroyed.

The contact beam does a lot of damage to the marker. If you have ammo for it, switch to it when the marker reveals the yellow weak spot.

Good Luck!


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