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Dead Space 2 Weapons Guide

Updated on May 22, 2011

Dead Space 2 has a total of ten weapons. Each of these weapons can be upgraded and some of them have a special ability. Power nodes are required to upgrade these weapons. Power nodes can be found throughout the game or they can be bought for 10,000 credits at a store in the game. Each weapon has an alternate fire or an alternate ability.

It will not be possible to upgrade and attain all weapons on your first playthrough of dead space 2 -- even playing on the lowest difficulty. You will need over 200 power nodes to fully upgrade all the weapons.

Weapons List for Dead Space 2

Plasma Cutter - The most basic weapon of Dead Space 2, but quite effective. The alternate ability allows you to change orientation of the shot to sever limbs of enemies easier. The special ability sets enemy necromorphs on fire. The plasma cutter is fairly powerful, but may not be the best option for fighting larger numbers of enemies.

Pulse Rifle - A standard issued assault rifle in the game. This weapon fires very fast, but each individual shot does little damage. The alternate fire of this weapon shoots a grenade launcher which is powerful, however, more ammo is used.

Javelin Gun - Fires a spear at enemy necromorphs. The alternate fire of this weapon will make the spear give off an electric charge. This weapon has the potential to do a lot of damage, but missing an enemy that is charging at you may put you in danger because of the slow rate of fire. Also, the electrical charge from the spear can damage you if you are close enough.

Ripper - Holds out a blade in front of you, cutting any enemies in its path. The alternate fire allows you to shoot the blade. This weapon is great for close range, but problems may arise if you have multiple enemies from a distance to kill because the blade does not shoot out that fast.

Line Gun -Shoots a large wide radius of energy, excellent for defending yourself from multiple enemies. This weapon does not require that much precision because its blast radius is very large. The alternate fire shoots a timed mine on nearly any surface. This weapon is powerful & accurate, but ammo is expensive and is hard to find looting.

Dead Space 2 Weapons Guide

Contact Beam - Shoots a very powerful charged shot at enemies. Alternative fire puts enemies into stasis. This is the strongest weapon in Dead Space 2, and with the stasis ability, your almost untouchable to enemy monsters if you use it correctly. This weapon is best used against stronger enemies because it would be a waste of ammo to use against weaker enemies. Also, if your facing a large number of weak enemies, it would take to long to kill them because you have to charge this weapon prior to each blast. Otherwise, a very good weapon.

Flamethrower - Shoots a stream of fire out in front of you. The alternate fire shoots a flame canister that explodes. This weapon is great for killing small enemies, but is pretty weak against larger enemies.

Detonator - Shoots sticky laser mines. The alternate fire allows you to disable the mine(s) and retrieve them. A maximum of five mines can be set, any more than that will disable earliest placed mine.

Seeker Rifle - A sniper rifle that can be fired zoomed in or fired normally. This rifle is not needed much in Dead Space 2 because most enemies are at close to medium range. This weapon is almost like the contact beam, except it can zoom in to shoot at farther enemies. It also does not have stasis like the contact beam either.

Force Gun - Shoots a powerful charged blast at necromorphs. It is basically a space version of a shotgun. With proper aiming, this can take out enemies in one or two shots.


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