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Dead Space 3 walkthrough, Part Eight: Terra Nova Tram System

Updated on February 7, 2013

Isaac's not having fun on the Terra Nova. All he wants is a stupid shuttle, but at every turn something is going wrong. Now he's in Terra Nova's Cradle Ops, and lord only knows what's waiting for him.

The elevator stops in a room with some inspirational posters. Check the recording in the corner of the room for a hint of what's in store, and in the next room take the small Kinesis tutorial to heart - it really helps you save ammo. Stomp the container beside the ladder and ascend. There's another container at the top, a corpse you can stomp, and a door.

Up the next ramp you'll be attacked by a Necromorph, and past it is the cargo hold, now highly active. Stomp the containers across from the door and go down the ladder. The Necromorph you saw in a cargo container earlier is here, and it's of the regenerative type. You can't kill it no matter how much ammo you unload on the thing. Use Stasis to freeze it and blow right past. Ahead are two more Necromorphs; waste them quickly and keep going. Another Regenerating Necromorph will burst through the wall nearby, and you'll have to use Stasis on it as well. Run to the door at the end and Kinesis your way through.

You're not done yet. Keep opening doors as quickly as you can until you get to the tram station. Dash for the controls, kill the Necromorph in front, and call the tram to the station. Run to the Stasis Recharge station immediately, as the two regenerating Necromorphs will enter the room and chase you around. Keep freezing them and killing any other Necromorphs that appear until the tram shows up. Bolt onto the tram and you'll be safe! Yeesh.

Having trouble with this part? Three tips:

  • First, don't stop running. These hulking Necromorphs look slow, but they will charge after you at great speeds. You also need to get away from the lesser Necromorphs, if possible. If you think you can get by without killing one, then ignore it. They won't cause nearly as much damage as their big brothers.
  • Second, don't stop for items. There are a few sitting along the path to the tram station. Unless you can grab one as you're running by, ignore them all. Not worth the risk.
  • Third, don't waste your Stasis energy! This is crucial. The regenerating Necromorphs seem to sit in stasis longer than normal, and they're much, much less dangerous when stuck in one spot. (Namely not at all.) Once you're in the tram station, try to lure them into a small group while they're chasing you around so you can freeze them together. The Stasis Recharge station is close to a corner, which is not a good place to be when they're on your tail.

Set the tram to head to Terra Nova's Aft Station. Along the way one of Ellie's crew will note that there's a Conning Tower partway through the ship which may have a lot of goodies the team could use. Worth a look? Probably. Optional, yes, but let's head there next.


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