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Dead Space 3 walkthrough, Part Five: Admiral's Quarters

Updated on February 7, 2013

Isaac has located Ellie and her team on the Roanoke, and Captain Norton is desperate to get them out of there in one piece. Ellie wants Isaac to see something related to the Markers in the Admiral's quarters first, though, so… separated from the team again…

After everyone's gone, check the area to find a Plasma Core, a Text Log, a lot of ammo and an Upgrade Circuit hidden behind some tarps to your left. Use Kinesis to grab it. You'll also find another Bench, and after your trip through the bowels of the Roanoke you can begin customizing your weapons with all the stuff you found. (Increased damage capacity is always a favourite.) Once you've grabbed everything, hop back in the elevator.

Partway up the elevator will jam, and when you get out you'll discover that something big and nasty has clogged up the generator. Great. It's not concerned with you at the moment, so blow up the waving tentacle off to your right, then activate the turbine right in front of you. This will bring another tentacle up right beside you; use Stasis to freeze it and blow it to pieces by targeting the orb. Move to the next turbine to repeat the process. This time, three Necromorphs will burst through the walls to accompany the rising tentacle. Run back along the platforms so you're not dealing with both threats simultaneously. The same thing will happen with the third turbine, though you'll be halfway through the process when it happens. Activate the third and the massive Necromorphic beast is no more. (Hopefully.)

Head to the next door and go down the ladder. You'll find an item on a shelf at the bottom. Through the next door is the service tunnel with the giant fans, and they're quite active. Get a quick Stasis recharge from the station near the platform's edge and use that power to slow the whirling of the fans so you can pass. Up the ladder at the other end and into the hallway. There are two Necromorphs here; kill them off, check the right end of the hall for a container, and use the security panel across from where you came in to activate the elevator beside the console. Use the left and right sticks of your joy pad to manipulate the glowing dots on the security grid into the right positions to get the job done.

Enter the (altogether fancier) elevator and you'll come out near the Admiral's quarters. Isaac will step inside and have a look at what's written on the walls. You'll learn something about a key to the Markers. After the story has run its course, check the room over for an item, a Text Log, an EarthGov Artifact and a recording from many years ago. Return to the elevator and head down; you'll learn on the way that the biggest ship in this messed-up fleet, the Terra Nova, has a scrap shuttle you can use to get around. You just have to get to it somehow.

Head back to the briefing room. A recording will go off, and you can listen to the tale of the Roanoke and the rest of the fleet nearby. Check the speaking dais and the lockers for refreshed items. Leave the room and you'll be ambushed by four Necromorphs, two at a time. Stasis isn't a bad idea in this small corridor.

Head through the door at the end. You'll come to two open doors; take the one on the right. You'll find a small storage room containing a variety of items on the ground and in lockers, including a Shotgun on the ground. Ooo. Return to the previous room, go through the door you ignored, and you'll find Ellie in the large cargo bay. One of her crew members mentions a maintenance craft called a Skip; that will do for getting you to the Terra Nova. (You can also now use the waypoint in conjunction with the arrow keys to track down your objective, the nearest Bench, and the nearest Suit Kiosk. Handy.) Check around the lower part of the room for another item and head out the large door near the Bench.

In the next room is the aforementioned Suit Kiosk. Here you can upgrade your EVAs overall stats, including your armour's durability, your air capacity, the duration of your Stasis, and the power of your Kinesis. If you're prone to running out of ammo or just like the variety, upgrading Kinesis isn't a bad idea, as you can potentially upgrade its damage twice in one go. If not, consider upgrading at least your Armour or Hit Points. Go through the door when you're done, enjoy Norton's weird little tirade, and keep going. After a few more doors you'll be back in space and on your way to the Skip.


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