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Dead Space 3 walkthrough, Part Four: The Eudora and the Roanoke

Updated on February 7, 2013

Isaac has successfully ducked out of the path of the Unitologists, as well as a couple billion Necromorphs. Now he's on the Eudora, with naught but the word of Captain Norton confirming his safety. Is Ellie really associated with this man?

You'll wake up on the Eudora. Isaac will exchange 'pleasantries' with Carver, then it's off to the bridge. Have a look around first, grabbing any items spread around the bunks and on the tables.

Head through the ship. In the room with what looks like cooling units you'll find items in glowing containers flanking the door. Continue through corridors until you see windows revealing the pulsing wave of shock transport; go down the hallway head, past these windows, to find some assorted items and an EarthGov Artifact at the end of the hall. Head back to the opposite end and go through the door to your right, onto the bridge.

Things go poorly upon arrival, and the Eudora hits mines. Yay. Back in the opposite corridor, make your painful way to the far end of the hall, grab an EVA suit, and enjoy the kiss of outer space. Now Isaac has to repair things from outside. Blow up the two free-floating containers here, and use Kinesis on the tabs beside the arrows on the giant box at the end of this space to separate ship from ship.

You're now boosting through a minefield. You have two options: shoot the mines or dodge the mines. Neither is terribly difficult to do, though it is still possible to die here. Pay particular attention to the debris - stray too close and you'll have to start over.

You'll eventually wind up by the Roanoke, an ancient vessel that's gone dark. Land on the platform straight ahead and use Kinesis to open the door, then again inside to open the pressure door. Welcome inside! Check the short hallway for assorted items and a Heavy Standard Frame, and use Kinesis to open the door to your right. Use the crank inside to let your new best friends in.

Norton will charge Isaac with checking out the ship for Ellie. Grab the Tesla Core from the glowing door down from where you came in, and keep following the catwalk around to find a ladder. Up it are two containers. Bust them open, backtrack to the door, and go through.

You'll come out in what looks like a storage hold. The bulkhead forward has been sealed shut by quarantine orders; you'll have to power it up. Go up the ladders here to find containers, then head back to the ground floor and look for the Bench with a glowing blue receptacle beside it. Use Kinesis to float the nearby glowing battery into this receptacle. It will also activate the Bench, which you can use to upgrade your weapons, create new weapons, and craft new components. Handy, though not so much right now. (You're a bit lacking in parts - though you can at least use the parts you found to complete the optional mission that pops up, Create a Weapon, quite easily.) For now, open up the giant door ominously labelled 'Quarantine'. Go through two more doors -

- and you'll find what's left of the crew! Cheery. There are three Necromorphs here, and though they move slowly at a distance they'll jump you when they get close. Wait until they clump up before you use Stasis so you can get them all; otherwise, run up and down the hall while firing to avoid their attacks. Once they're dead, check a glowing wall container on the right side of the corridor, then use Kinesis to move the containers away from the door on the right. Go through.

You'll wind up in a briefing room. So long as you don't charge in, you'll see the Necromorph hanging from the ceiling up the stairs to your right. Blow it away from a distance. Go up the stairs and you'll see another one hanging from the roof; step back down a ways, attack it in the same fashion, then check the other side of the rows of chairs to see a third Necromorph creeping up the aisle. Shoot it a few times before it charges over. Make your way to the opposite side of the room, check the small platform to your left for a S.C.A.F Artifact and the wall for another random item, and open the door labelled 'Crew Access'.

Beyond is another hallway, and to your left more hanging Necromorphs. Back up and blow them down one at a time; if you're careful you can kill one without alerting the other two. Check the hallway for several containers with items. Be careful opening the last one - you'll attract the attention of a Necromorph that will appear right beside you. Stasis and slag it. Check the container on the ground here and backtrack a short way to a door on your right.

Things sound grim when you descend the ladder ahead, but stay wary. Keep going into a zero-g tunnel with a few floating containers. Launch into the tunnel with the giant fans and you'll soon be confronted by three tendril-bearing Necromorphs that launch projectiles at you. Simply wait for them to settle down and strafe back and forth while firing at their lit tendrils. Getting rid of all three will kill the beasts. Land on the opposite platform and go through the door.

Another ladder, a Text Log and a random item wait inside. Go up the ladder, check the container on the wall at the top for an item, and go through the door. Beyond is the generator room, and just above is the SOS signal. Before you get started with the generators, run along the walkway to find more items near a door. Then backtrack to one of the turbines in the middle of the room. You need to use Kinesis to drag the couplings into place (namely, straight down) and to set the turbines into motion (by focusing on the glowing spot for a few seconds).

Each time you do this you'll attract some Necromorphs. The first time you'll bring in one of the projectile-shooters from the previous room, while the other two times will bring Slashers. You have plenty of room to back up and shoot, so don't bother with Stasis. Once the turbines are running two more projectile-launchers will appear; mop them up and use the elevator along the walkway.

At the top… reunion time! It doesn't last long, and everyone needs to get off the Roanoke, but… hey. Take bright spots where you can get them. Next stop: the Admiral's quarters!


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