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Dead Space 3 walkthrough, Part Thirty-Two: Research Silo

Updated on February 15, 2013

After several forays into dark places and a few sidetracks into unnecessary (but fruitful!) territory, Isaac is finally ready to see Rosetta assembled and a Codex created. Will this be enough to stop the Necromorphs? Only one way to find out.

Head back to the Rosetta Lab on the second floor of the Biology Laboratory. You now have the unenviable task of arranging the Rosetta slabs to they resemble a single creature. (Couldn't Ellie have done this by now? Seriously.) This part is a bit fiddly, though the easiest way to set Rosetta into one piece is to concentrate on the arms. When these lines match up, the rest of it will too. Activate the machine containing Rosetta from the console on the right side of the room.

After a lengthy cut scene that… may… explain the back story of Dead Space 3, the Codex will be completed - but that jerk Danik will grab it and run off! Weave through the gas that erupts in the room to get to the elevator. After a tear-jerking scene of goodbyes, Isaac and Carver will get in the elevator out of the Lab. Dash through the next corridor into another elevator to escape the gas.

Back on the bottom floor of the Biology Laboratory, you'll find flares leading towards the Geology Sector. Use the Bench in this area if necessary and hop in the elevator. When you emerge and head towards Geology, you'll get a nasty shock - Danik's Unitologists now have rocket launchers. Keep low to avoid the rockets and peg the guys the moment you see them. At the first ice field you'll come under heavy fire from troops - but they'll come under attack by skittish Necromorphs. Shoot the soldiers, not the Necromorphs, for a much easier time. Follow the flares to the lift.

There are no soldiers in the next ice field, but there is a gunship. Stick to the left side of the area and hide behind ice blocks whenever you come under fire. Wait until the gunship loses sight, which should only take a few seconds, and advance. Keep moving to the fires. Beyond here are two more soldiers; take them down and go through the door at the end. You'll find a Flame Glaze and assorted other items in the next room.

Through here you'll come out into a snowfield leading up to another building. Pick your way forward far enough and Necromorphs will burst out of the snow, followed by soldiers. If you can stall you can get the Necromorphs attacking these guys, though it's difficult to manage. Find a corner and lay low, waiting for the enemies to come to you. One particularly pesky soldier will take up a post on the cliff to your left. Try to get him first. When you reach the other end two more soldiers will pop up on the far building, launching rockets at you, and four of the jittery miner Necromorphs will come at you. Use the construction vehicle to hide form the explosions while you take out the Necromorphs. If you're lucky a rocket may kill one of them. Target the soldiers only after the Necromorphs are dead.

(This section, particularly the second half where you have very little cover, will probably prove quite difficult. If you have trouble staying away from the missiles at the far end of the field, sprint and weave back to the opposite end. You may take a hit on the way, but you'll have an easier time killing the Necromorphs without missiles flying at your head.)

Use the security panel by the door to get inside. Beyond is the Research Silo, and Danik and his men are headed into the depths via a large lift. You need to stop them, vertical-style.


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