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Dead Space 3 walkthrough, Part Three: Dredger Corp

Updated on February 7, 2013

Isaac's on the run, and he's been ordered to meet up with a Captain Norton, who needs his help in exchange for a measure of sanctuary. Can Isaac trust this EarthGov goon? Doesn't seem to have much of a choice.

After fleeing on foot through some seedy, bullet-ridden streets you'll come out in the lobby of Dredger Corp, and the place is looking just a tad shabby. The corpses have nothing of use, so check the rear of the lobby for containers and hop the elevator. Bad stuff will happen at the top.

Ah, those beloved Necromorphs. Two are coming to life when Isaac gets up, and they're eager to make his acquaintance. Help them through the glass and blow them apart, bit by bit. Don't let them get too close - their hooks can do a good amount of damage, and they move more quickly than they initially look. Once they're dead, check the floor and the wall containers for items. Go through the door.

Stomp the corpses here for more swag and head into the next office. There's a Necromorph in a glassed-off room to your left; kill it and check the containers inside. Head further into the larger office and four Necromorphs will get up and come at you. Use the desks to work them into a single file and blow them to pieces. Aim for their midsections to improve your chances of taking out their flailing claws, if it comes to that. Check the rooms in the rear for more container gear, then call the elevator on the left side of the office. Climb in.

Check the desk beside the elevator's exit for a Unitologist Artifact, as well as more containers to stomp. Go out into the hallway and enter the gift shop. You can find several small items amid the racks and on the floor. Leave through the opposite door.

You're back on the streets. Check the ground opposite the store for several items. Go far enough down the street and you'll come under attack by a slew of Necromorphs. Back up and fire at them, using the stand in the middle of the street to keep them away from you while you fire. If you lead them properly you can get them stuck on the stand for a few seconds, granting you plenty of time to blow off body parts. There are seven in all; be prepared for some speedier Necromorphs once you get rid of the slower Slashers.

Your road lies to the right. Be careful going through the door here, though, as a crawling Puker will emerge and start hurling projectiles at you. Back up and strafe while firing to take it out. Beyond are stairs; go down slowly and you'll have a chance to shoot the Necromorph just beyond the bottom before it can turn and jump at you. Have your gun ready when you enter the small office, as another Slasher is about to leap out at you. Blow it to pieces and enter the elevator inside.

You'll come out in a train station, and Isaac needs to use one of the trains to get to Norton's ship. Aim at the blue spot on the rear of the train to pull it into place, pull it towards the tunnel once the turntable has moved, then do the same to the fuel car. Get on the back of the train once it's operating. Get on the train as soon as you can - Unitologists are about to show up and start shooting.

The rest of this section is a fairly straightforward run-and-gun. There are a few platforms on the train where you have to exchange gunfire with the Unitologists. Hide behind crates and aim for their heads for quick kills. Make it to the rear of the train where the Eudora is waiting, kill the two soldiers that come down - there's no cover here, so kill quick - and dash for the loading ramp. If you're too slow, or if you don't hit X enough times when you grab the ramp, you're dead.

If not, you're safe! Take that, Unitologists!


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