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Dead Space 3 walkthrough, Part Twelve: The Crozier

Updated on February 8, 2013

Their time with the flotilla done, the hearty crew of the shuttle Crozier are ready to blast off and land on Tau Volantis, potential origin of the mysterious things known only as Markers. Will they be able to stop the Mecromorphs? Will they even be able to reach the planet? Let's find out.

Isaac is testy when he gets on board, despite Ellie's attempts to cheer him up, and he demands she help him test the oxygen injectors in the rear of the shuttle. Kinesis them into their slots and secure them with a second twist. Piece of cake. Have a look at the crew, then sit in the pilot's seat and take off.

The space surrounding Tau Volantis is much more violent than it looks. Not only is it covered in debris, there are tons of heat-seeking mines that would love to rip the Crozier apart. Once you have control you'll have to pilot the Crozier through the guidance squares that appear on the screen, avoiding any huge pieces of debris. Soon enough mines will begin homing in on the shuttle; you can destroy these by placing the central reticule over them with the right stick and hitting the trigger button to launch missiles. In the second half of this section your window of approach becomes even tighter, and there are more obstacles, but resist the urge to target and destroy every mine that pops up. Avoid those that come a bit too close and stay within your flight path as best you can.

Partway down a fire will break out at the rear of the ship, stopping the engines. Those stupid canisters! Make your way back, put the canister that's come loose back in its socket with Kinesis, and secure all three. Don't take too long or the ship will outright crash. Return to the pilot's seat when that's done -

- and you'll be in the atmosphere! Now you're dodging the jutting sides of massive rocks. The ship will do most of the piloting for you; now you should focus on destroying any rocks with a red target painted on them. Not hard, much easier than the mines… but still not enough to prevent the shuttle from crashing. Isaac's section of the shuttle will be torn apart from the rest, and when he wakes up he's frost-encrusted and all alone in his tiny piece of the wreck.

But, hey. He made it to Tau Volantis. Only took more than a third of the game.

Heal yourself up and set off. There's no immediate threat here besides the cold; stick close to the fiery debris (and that's RIGHT beside - a close proximity won't cut it here) to keep your body temperature up. Explore around the wreck to find a ton of items, including a Survey Charge, but avoid going too far at any one time - the cold will start to get to you. Follow the line of fires through the snow.

Eventually Isaac will discover the rest of the crash… and when he does, a big chunk of the shuttle will nearly crush him flat. Pound X / A to flee from danger, and, once you're out of the way - and at a point of no return for the rest of the shuttle, as if it would be much help - continue into the frigid tundra of Tau Volantis.


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