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Dead Space 3 walkthrough, Part Twenty-Nine: Geology Sector

Updated on February 15, 2013

With three of the Rosetta slabs safely in hand, Isaac now needs to get the last one, cloistered somewhere in the Geology Sector. Hopefully it will be a bit less hazardous than the last two forays… probably not, but, one can hope…

Use the elevator on the bottom floor of the Biology Laboratory to find the path to the Geology Sector. You'll emerge outside. Check the crates ahead for a Rip Core. Go right to find a clearing with a suicidal Unitologist, some random items and a Full Zoom Scope, as well as some Necromorphs, and go left to find a walkway. This leads to a clearing full of crates that's home to a pack of skittish Necromorphs. As usual, avoid running into their midst. Stay near the walkway and blast them whenever they peek around the crates. They seem quite unwilling to get too close to you if you stay near the walkway. This fight may take a while, but if you're careful you can do it with a minimum of risk. Take them out at the legs to greatly reduce their speed and maneuverability.

Ahead is a door labelled 'Disposal Services'. You can't get in yet - but you can at least grab the Unitologist Artifact a short way left of the door. Go up the lift to the far left of here. At the top is another large area patrolled by, yay, more skittish Necromorphs! There are more of them, and several normal Necromorphs are also thrown into the pack. Again, the elevator is a great place to hang back and blow them away. They'll run if you get too close to the lift. Once everything's dead, hunt around for items and check the right side of the area for an elevator. A short ways down the wall from this elevator you'll find an S.C.A.F. Artifact. Grab it and hop in the elevator.

Inside you'll find a large room with a ton of frozen specimens. Not too creepy. Use the Bench if necessary, check the walls for a container with an Upgrade Circuit, and go through the door in the far left corner. Inside is a Disposal Services Key (more optional quests!), a Torque Bar door containing an Earth Gov Frame, a Hot Death blueprint and various random items, and a normal door. Ultimately this door is your destination.

Inside you'll find a series of active laser cutters going to work on a big chunk of ice, suspended from a claw. You need to use this ice to interrupt the cutting lasers in your path by using Kinesis to move the ice up and down the line of lasers. Use the paths it creates to weave to the end of the room, where you'll find the last Rosetta slab. Grab it and launch it to the other side of the room, where the receptacle awaits.

(Opening the chamber containing the slab will also awaken two tiny Necromorphs on the other side of the lasers. One will inhabit a body and shoot at you; the other will try to crawl at you. Wait for the crawler, take it out, then target the shooter from afar. Much easier than usual.)

That's all the slabs! Now it's back to the Biology Laboratory. Leave the slab room and you'll be ambushed by Danik's men in the room full of ice specimens; they're easy to target and kill from the doorway. This seems like a herald for more trouble to come, but surprisingly, this is the end of resistance! Head back to the Biology Laboratory.

You now have a choice to make. If this was indeed your last stop, you can return to the Rosetta Laboratory and deal with the slabs you've collected. You could also partake of a few optional missions, namely in the Reaper Barracks and Disposal Services. Since we found the Reaper Barracks Key first, we'll check out that mission in the next segment.


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