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Dead Space 3 walkthrough, Part Twenty-Six: Rosetta Laboratory

Updated on February 13, 2013

Isaac has managed to make his way into the Research Compound's Biology Laboratory upon the peaks of Tau Volantis' great mountains, and with his usual grim determination he's making his way to the Rosetta Labs where, hopefully, all things Necromorphic will finally come to an end. Unfortunately, Danik and his Unitologist cronies may have something to say about the situation…

At the top of the elevator you'll see a few Necromorphs skitter by in the hallway ahead, heralding a fairly involved attack by numerous melee-oriented creatures. Shoot the little ones as they run towards you and you'll call in some larger reinforcements. You're in a very small hallway here, but getting through this situation is very easy: use the elevator. Every time you dip back into the elevator the Necromorphs will run back to their starting positions. Keep using this weird tic of programming to your advantage until you stop their advance.

Once the Necromorphs are dead, check directly ahead for a Heavy Standard Frame. Immediately ahead and to your left is a Suit Kiosk and a door you can't yet open. To the right is a Bench and a few more doors you can't access. Enter the elevator at the end of the hall instead. Go down the next hall and enter another elevator.

You're in the Rosetta Lab! Turns out Rosetta is required to make the Codex your team needs to shut off the Machine creating the Necromorphs, and Rosetta has been cut into several pieces. Joy. Open a latch on the right side of the lab, grab the hunk of specimen inside, and take it to the receptacle on the left side. One piece down… apparently four to go. You'll have to backtrack to the rest of the buildings in the facility to find the remaining pieces. Oh joy. Grab the Research Facility Key near Ellie's station and head out to track the slabs down.

Go back down the elevators to the entry hall. You now have a few options as to where you can go to get these pieces.

  • Ahead and to the right of the elevator is Geology. One of the pieces is here.
  • Across from Geology is Storage Access. You need to be playing co-op to get in here. There aren't any pieces in here, though there are plenty of nifty items.
  • At the end of the hall is Biology's Central Hall Access. One of the pieces is in here.
  • Through Central Hall Access you can also get to Paleontology. The remaining two pieces are in here.

You can tackle these areas in any order you like, though you'll have to visit them all (save Storage Access, of course). We'll start by checking out Biology, since we're already here.


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