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Dead Space 3 walkthrough, Part Twenty-Three: The Nexus

Updated on February 12, 2013

Captain Norton has gone off the deep end, and despite all the work done he wants to get off Tau Volantis with girlfriend Ellie. Isaac refuses to see the job half finished, however, and he sets off in pursuit. Can he stop Norton? Here's hoping.

Go down the elevator from the second floor of the lift room and run along the bottom, past the heat exchangers you fiddled with to thaw the Nexus. Keep moving through the rooms and collecting items along the way to the elevator in the rear. Beware the Autosave that kicks in -

- as you'll be immediately ambushed at the top by Danik and his men! Yep, he's captured everyone, and Norton is revealed as an even deeper traitor than you suspected! Danik's attempted execution goes awry, though, and Carver, Norton and Isaac wind up in a quick shootout with Danik's men. Duck behind the crates here and blast away at their heads from afar. Kill a few of them - but when the action begins to move, don't bother shooting anymore, as you'll need your ammo for something else almost immediately -

- an enormous Necromorph! No less than a Nexus! Oh lord. Prepare for some fun. The Nexus looms in the distance, bringing its massive claws down to smash you to bits. Roll out of the way whenever it does and target the giant yellow orb on its chest. Do this enough times and you'll bring out a secondary attack phase: globules that will release full-grown Necromorphs to charge at you! What fun. Unless they're really closing in on you - or if you're desperately in need of ammo - focus most of your attention on hammering the yellow orb. This will trigger a suction sequence in which the Nexus tries to swallow you. Shoot the yellow orbs around its mouth to stop the suction and return to normal attacks. Back up to the rear of the field and keep attacking. Stasis doesn't work on this thing, so save it for the Necromorphs if you need to stall for time. Eventually you'll run out of orbs to shoot when the thing's swallowing you -

- and you'll wind up in its stomach! Delightful. This part is similar to fighting in outer space: you need to target the orbs on the tentacles in its stomach while avoiding the wriggling projectiles fired your way. You can shoot these projectiles down, and you should. They really, really hurt. Take out enough orbs on the three tentacle stalks and you'll be spit up -

and immediately face a quick showdown with Norton. He's slightly easier to handle than the Nexus; just pound X or A to finish the job. Quite a boss fight, that.

After Carver's done talking, follow him along the cliffs. You'll open up a new chapter, and in the aftermath of that you'll find a small building. Carver is further up the path, but check in here first for some of the usual: a crank generator, a Bench and an Upgrade Circuit in a wall container. There's also a blueprint for a HUN-EI Badger sitting just outside the building. Oh lord, Internet references. Grab what you want and set off after Carver.


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