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Dead Space 3 walkthrough, Part Seventeen: Return of the Unitologists

Updated on February 17, 2013

Isaac's hooked up with his teammates again, and despite some jealousy between men they all know what must be done: find the 'Machine' responsible for the Necromorphs. It's supposedly in the Experiment Facility… time for some more sci-fi hall crawling.

After everyone's left the large meeting room, have a look around. There's a recording on the left wall, a Bench near the exit, and a room requiring a Torque Bar in the back. Inside are a bunch of random items and a Pneumatic Torch on the shelves. Oooo, fiery. Follow everyone through the next hallway and into an elevator and you'll wind up outside.

You'll be walking for the group for all of three seconds when something blows up the bridge you're on, again separating Isaac from the rest. The Unitologists are here! Once you have control again, crouch behind one of the boxes and exchange fire with the Unitologists ahead. They're not hard to kill, as you can hit them with headshots and expect an instant kill. Much easier than Necromorphs. Canvas the area for items when they're gone and enter the elevator far ahead and to the right. Go through the next area, keep looking for containers, and after another elevator you're back outside.

Nobody will bother you outside, so keep looking for items and hop on the lift leading down the side of the cliff. At the bottom you'll be ambushed by more troops, some of which really like to move in close; use standard tactics, ducking behind cover and firing as you move slowly up the field. These guys are more likely to throw grenades, but they seem to overthrow so long as you don't stay in one spot for too long. If you're feeling fancy you can grab said grenades with Kinesis and hurl them back. Enter the elevator at the end.

Inside here you'll find a Suit Kiosk, a Bench, and a Directed Suspension Field. Move the crates in front of the elevator aside and hop in. Back outside you'll come under immediate fire… though you'll receive some unexpected help from Necromorphs! So long as you don't pester the beasts too much, they and the soldiers will do a good job of killing each other. Let the Necromorphs whittle down the Unitologists a bit before you add in your own attacks. Be vigilant - the Necromorphs will come after you if they spot you.

The path ahead splits, but the left leads to a dead end. Go right and into a tunnel. A lone Unitologist here will appear; since you don't have cover, consider use Stasis before he can get a shot off. (Wow, guns actually hurt.) Proceed to the next elevator, looking off to the right for an Alien Artifact. Get in the elevator - but be ready, as a Necromorph will drop into it with you. Stasis and murder it before the door opens. (You might have to Kinesis it around to get out of the elevator.)

You'll come out underground, beside what looks like the suspended corpse of one of those enormous Snow Beasts. Cheery. Make your way around the catwalk to the ladder and go down. Look back at the ladder at the bottom and you'll see an item you can grab with Kinesis: a Hammond's Heavy Frame. Another elevator, another battleground beyond.

More crates, more enemies. Mostly the same, but these guys are much more determined to hurl grenades at you. A Kinesis and grenade combo is much more effective here, and if you're especially quick you can get the grenades while they're in the air. Check around for items - notably on the left side of the next elevator, where you'll find Tungsten in a container.

In the next area you'll encounter a new breed of Necromorph which hops on the heads of corpses and takes over their bodies. This means that you're now fighting gun-wielding Necromorphs. Fortunately, the rules almost don't change: aim for the heads, which is the body of the Necromorph. Be careful, however, as these Necromorphs will swap bodies after one goes down. Three bodies, two Necromorphs. Not too hard, especially since their aim is a bit poor.

Through the next elevator and back outside you'll see… huh… in the distance. Take a right and you'll come across another Unitologist-Necromorph battle; this time you're better off supporting the Unitologists, as their bodies will be possessed when they die. Either way, keep back and let the two sides do most of the fighting. Further ahead along the catwalk is an elevator to Plateau Access that you can't currently open; near the battle site is the elevator for the Excavation Drill Site, which is accessible by opening the lock on the nearby security console. (Though be careful, a Necromorph will attack you as soon as you activate the console.) Get through security and hop in. Your next destination is the Coring Platform.


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