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Dead Space 3 walkthrough, Part Thirty-Five: Investigate Artifact Storage

Updated on February 17, 2013

Isaac has made his way into a thoroughly alien landscape, populated by the Necromorphic forms of beasts long lost to time. He needs to get the Codex to the alien Machine in a hurry… but, of course, he can't resist checking out the sights at least a little. Investigate Artifact Storage!

Go down the elevator in the Alien Ruins and you'll wind up in a much more familiar human Staging Area. To your right is a Suit Kiosk; to your left a Bench. Go down onto the lower level and you'll find a recording, a Text Log near the door on the opposite side of the area, and the door itself.

Beyond here is a zero gravity area. What fun. Kick off the walkway and head vertically down the shaft. There are two enormous Necromorphic somethings down here, floating around. Shoot out their bulbous upper sacs, then blow away the four glowing joints on their legs. They will occasionally launch projectiles; shoot these down. There's a Text Log sitting on the second-to-last walkway from the bottom; grab it and land on the bottom walkway.

Back in normal Gs beyond, but only for a moment. The next zero-G tube has a series of laser traps with unfortunate consequences for tripping the lines. You can shoot them out of the way, but they're easy enough to avoid. Land on the bottom walkway and look for a Text Log before going through the next door.

Check for lockers here, and play the recording. Note the symbols on the screen. Go through the next door and you'll be in a long (horizontal) tunnel. Five slippery, jumpy Necromorphs will come out at you. These things can be hard to hit when they go for the walls, but you can trick them by backing up to the end of the room. They'll almost always jump beside the girders along the sides and get stuck for a few seconds. Blow them away and try to go through the next door and a Rosetta Necromorph will be waiting beyond; back up, blow away any exploding Necromorphs it releases, and generally shoot it to bits.

There's another Rosetta alien in the room beyond this, and more exploding creatures will emerge from the walls. Keep at a distance and blow them apart. Get close to the door at the far end and more of the quick, slithery Necromorphs will show up. Back away and fire. (If any are still intact you can also launch the small exploding corpses at the slithering Necromorphs to fun effect.)

Through the next door is another recording. Note the symbols again and keep going. Beyond here is another zero-G tube, leading upwards and full of traps. Don't go too far up, as a bunch of projectile-slinging Necromorphs will appear on the walls. Weave around the bottom of the area, blowing them away, then make your way to the top. (Alternatively, go straight for the top and hope some of them hit the traps as they chase you. Not likely, but you never know.) Check the wall niches at the top for an Alien Artifact and get past security to proceed.

There's a Bench in the next room and an Upgrade Circuit on the floor beside it. Prepare yourself, as the next room has the massive container you've been waiting for… and four regenerating Necromorphs, all trapped in boxes. Grab the Artifact Manifest from the table to complete the mission, then open the container. Inside are three Upgrade Circuits, a Serrano's Parts Box and some minor items. Amazingly enough, nothing will break out!

… until you enter the next room. Then two regenerating Necromorphs will come out of the walls, and a slew of smaller ones to boot. Use the Stasis Regeneration station here to keep the big guys out of the fight as you kill the little ones. Lead the regenerating bruisers into the previous room, Stasis them, and run back in. Bypass security on the door in here and run through. You should have enough time before they catch up again.

Almost done. Float up through the zero-G room to the top. You'll find your way to the entrance bay - and two more regenerating Necromorphs are waiting. Stasis them and bolt onto the elevator. There, now you're safe.



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