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Dead Space 3 walkthrough, Part Twenty-One: Protect the Armory Munitions Cache

Updated on February 17, 2013

Isaac's got all the pieces he needs to get the Probe Gun up and running, but he's stumbled on something bad: lit flares. The Unitologists might be trying to access the Armory. He'll have to Protect the Armory Munitions Cache to stop those goons from getting their hands on some REAL firepower.

The entry to the Armory is in the Staging Area, to the right of where you come out (just look for flares). Go up the elevator and you'll come out near a Bench, a Suit Kiosk and, behind the glassed-in desk, a Unitologist Artifact. Follow the flares to the elevator and it will take you to the Skip you probably discovered in a previous mission, Investigate the Supply Depot. Yep, you're back here. Use another elevator and you'll find a dying soldier; finish him off and check around for ammo. Keep following the flares. (This may become a trend.)

You'll come to a small catwalk area next. Look to your right and you'll see a small cage; use Kinesis to open it up and you can grab an Upgrade Circuit from afar. Through the next door you'll see a Necromorph up ahead that's ignoring you; you can try to sneak around it or just blow it up, though attacking will bring several larger Necromorphs to life around you. Check this area for lockers, some containers, and a Stasis Amplifier. Enter the elevator at the opposite end of the room.

Proceed through the rooms until you reach a door marked 'Raised Hall'. There are more Necromorphs you can sneak around here - and a fair number of them, at that - though if you kill them you seem to have a good chance of getting Tungsten. (They're also not that tough, and their attacks are very straightforward.) At the other end is the room is a security panel. Get through it to open the nearby door.

Through another room you'll come to a bridge with three Necromorphs, but they're so slow and far away that it's an easy kill. Beyond is a small room that seems innocuous enough, but when you try to open the far door it will jam, bringing a bunch of Necromorphs in. Backtrack to the way you came in and blow them to pieces as they come at you. There's not a lot of room to move around here, so try to get rid of them as quickly as possible before they swarm you.

Through the next door and after a rather unfortunate demise for a Unitologist you'll find a recording and an Upgrade Circuit. The door here is locked; hop in the elevator instead. In the next two-tiered room you'll come across a few Unitologists talking on the lower level, and when you come into view they'll start shooting - and Necromorphs will show up. Let the Necromorphs on the bottom floor deal with the Unitologists while you fend for yourself on the catwalks, against multiple more of the creatures. There are numerous, but they're still easy enough kills. Kill anything left on the bottom floor when you're done up here. (It probably won't be the Unitologists.)

Go down the lift and you'll find a Plasma Core near the bottom. Check the pit's console station and you'll find an Armory Key. Be ready, though - Necromorphs will appear when you grab the Key. Run for the lift and activate it to ignore the Necromorphs milling about the bottom floor; you won't be so fortunate about the ones up top. Kill them on your way back out of the room.

Make your way back to the first locked door on your path (be careful for the Necromorph that bursts out beside you when you unlock the door) and go through. Get ready in the next room, as those skittish Necromorphs are back, jumping over the crates at you. Two will come at you to start; a third will jump out as you head towards the back. Look for a Unitologist Artifact near the rear of this hallway and go through the door ahead after bypassing security.

Check to the right of where you come into the next room for a Contact Beam, and the room in general for a variety of items. Left leads to the Raised Hall again; straight ahead will jam, at first, bringing a heap of Necromorphs into the place. Stasis is a necessity here, as you're in extremely confined quarters. Keep moving away from the things and go for their legs for the best results. Hop in the elevator beyond once you're through.

Use your Key in the next room and get in the elevator. At the top Unitologists will ambush you. Blow them away from behind a crate. Get in the elevator. When you emerge you'll hear Unitologists whispering, as there are Necromorphs in the area. If you can, grab something with Kinesis and hurl it a short ways from the elevator to cause some noise, sparking the Necromorphs to go after the Unitologists. Then run around the area and kill the Necromorphs. There are a lot of them, so don't let up until the horrific music stops.

After all is dead and done, check the storage bin. Mission complete! For successfully protecting the Armory from the Unitologists you'll earn yourself an Acid Bath, two Spare Parts Boxes, Tungsten and a Stasis Support. Nice swag. You'll also have access to a Skip, which can shuttle you around once locations are unlocked.


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