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Dead Space 3 walkthrough: Unitologist Artifacts

Updated on February 17, 2013

Though Isaac's attention in the majority of Dead Space 3 is on killing Necromorphs and saving the universe, he's always got an eye open for collectables. It's a good thing, too, as there are a ton of artifacts spread throughout the game, some of them left behind by the fiendish Unitologists. This article will help you find them all.

Chapter One

The first artifact is in Dredger Corp. After your first confrontation with Danik you'll get dropped into a series of offices. On your way out you'll take an elevator back to the streets; the artifact is by the desk when you exit the elevator, just before you head out of Dredger Corp.

Chapter Eleven

The second artifact is found on the path to the large Staging Area where you fight the Snow Beast for the second time, during the hunt for Probe Gun pieces. Walk along the cliff edges until you reach the building with the briefing that plays whenever you enter. The artifact is to the left of this building's entrance, hidden in the snow.

The third artifact is accessible via the optional mission Protect the Armory Munitions Cache. You'll find it in the Armory's first room, not far from a Bench and a desk. You'll have to complete the Probe Gun, or at least find all of the pieces, before this mission will open up.

The fourth artifact is also in the Armory mission. You'll find it near the end, in a long room full of crates and skittish Necromorphs. The artifact is a little ways south of the exit from this tunnel.

Chapter Fourteen

The fifth artifact is found outside Disposal Services, on the lower snow field on the path to the Geology Sector of the Research Compound.

Chapter Seventeen

The sixth and final artifact is in the Alien Ruins. Proceed until you come across heaps of rubble wired with explosives that you can destroy using yellow batteries. Look near the second heap you can destroy for the artifact. Make sure you grab it before you use any more explosives - this is a point of no return. If you miss it now you'll have to replay the first part of this chapter to get it.

There. That wasn't so bad, now was it? Not compared to the other artifact hunts, anyway. Successfully nabbing all six Unitologist Artifacts will earn you the Unitologist Circuit Set, which is full of hearty upgrades that will make your guns much more deadly.


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