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How to deal with video game addiction

Updated on December 23, 2016

Author: W. K. Hayes

Video Game Addiction


            Believe it or not, many people become addicted to video games. Great case-and-point, my brother. Remarkably, he is proud of the fact that he has spent over eight-hundred hours on a single game. 'Wow', does come to mind.

            Some might think he really stinks at that game, apparently but that is far from the truth. Fact is, he is obsessed with mastering the game by accomplishing every single aspect of that game no matter how much time he may spend trying to do so. Still, in my mind, this is an addiction to a video game.

            For many, playing video games is just a great way to get their minds off of stress by focusing on something that has absolutely nothing to do with what’s going on in their life. The same could be said about drugs or alcohol with several huge exceptions.

            Ultimately, any continuous action over a long period of time will have adverse affects on the human body. Working eight hours a day in a factory will put wear and tear on the body, over an extended period time and may cause permanent damage to that person’s body, as it has done so to mine.

            Playing video games, for an extended length of time, will do damage to the fingers and can cause problems with vision to, occur. Most game manuals suggest that a person take a break once every hour and do something else, to give the body a chance to regenerate. Unfortunately, the games themselves are not designed with that philosophy in mind. Instead, they designed around the theme of the game where saving may not be as possible. Although, many titles are trying to fix this problem by creating more save points or ways of saving more frequently. Still, the advice is solid and should be taken by all gamers.

            In extreme cases, some game players will dive into a game eight-to-twelve hours a day with relentless enthusiasm. In such cases, the individual may soon find a need for glasses, have frequent and painful headaches and may even cause permanent damage to their hearing depending on the use of high volume.

            If you are having problems playing games for way too many hours at a time, you really should consider pacing yourself better and finding other ways to entertain yourself.

             If you play video games to drown out the world then, maybe you should consider getting a therapist and findout if there is some underlying problem you are not addressing properly or are unaware of. There may be something wrong that goes beyond normal day-to-day stress.

            Also, if  you play video games for extended periods of time, you really should put your health first and take breaks to get up and move around. Usually, I take advantage by throwing in a load of laundry, grabbing something to drink, swinging by the bathroom and saying hi to a friend or family member before going back to work on whooping a boss fight.

            Think of playing video games as being a job that you love. Play, take breaks and avoid playing for more than a few hours a day so you can go on to accomplish other goals in life. Whether you beat a game in a week or a few months, you beat the game and that is all that really matters.

Playing a game constantly, however, is very unhealthy in the long run and there is a reason why it’s called permanent damage…because it will stay with you and affect you, for the rest of your long life. Life is too short to fill your memories with video games versus the people in your life or spending time finding new ways to improve your life. Video games are created for recreation and not an addiction so use them while protecting yourself from suffering as you get older.

            Thank you for reading my article and I sincerely hope you have a great day! Happy gaming!


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    • W. K. Hayes profile image

      Warren Keith Hayes 12 months ago from Bryson City, North Carolina

      How ironic that I wrote an article about video game addiction several years ago only to find myself writing new articles about the various facets of Fallout 4. LOL

    • profile image

      luukas 5 years ago

      My mom says that im addicted

      Maybe i am but i still have a healthy social life and i feel that its ok.. i don't know if my mom will ever approve me playing games.

    • Jennifer Lynch profile image

      Jennifer Lynch 6 years ago from Stowmarket, Suffolk.

      This is a serious problem. It can get as serious as other addictions and people need to be made aware of it. Thanks for posting. Any addiction means there is something out of balance.

    • W. K. Hayes profile image

      Warren Keith Hayes 6 years ago from Bryson City, North Carolina

      Hi Rhonda, video games are an awesome way to have fun but spending time with friends and loved ones is a much better way to spend ones time. How does everyone else view video games? Opinions really matter and it might someone.

    • Rhonda Waits profile image

      Rhonda Musch 6 years ago from The Emerald Coast

      Thanks W.K. for your article about video addiction. This is a real true problem, I have knowledge of it 1st hand. My 14 year old is quite an addict to video games. Xbox 360 live. It consumes most of his week end. I have told him that I want him to start spending time with real friends, not these games. Thanks for your article.

      Sweet wishes Rhonda.

    • W. K. Hayes profile image

      Warren Keith Hayes 6 years ago from Bryson City, North Carolina

      Hi Prasetio30...I could not agree with more! Parents should teach their children to focus on their work while enjoying video games as a leisure activity. One of the things I talk my children is the fact that being in school is their first job in life...fact is, you just inspired my next hub article. Thanks.

    • prasetio30 profile image

      prasetio30 6 years ago from malang-indonesia

      I live in Indonesia. A country in Southeast Asia. As a teacher I am very concerned with students who are addicted to video games. Every day they play video game, and recently the most famous game is Point Blank. Where many kids liked to play this game by internet. They easy to access this game through internet cafe. I am so worried to know this incident. Actually they have Playstation game console in their home. But I don't know why? But I hope parents will guide them and they more intense to study than play video game. Of course they can play this game occasionally, in the weekend maybe. I really know that some of the game good for their brain development.

      You have great topic, my friend. Keep on writing. Thank you very much.


    • W. K. Hayes profile image

      Warren Keith Hayes 6 years ago from Bryson City, North Carolina

      One last thought Barbergirl28...thank you for your question. If I can help in any other way don't hesitate to ask. Also, if my response didn't hit the spot, then let me know and include more detail about the problem so I can be of better help to you and your family.

    • W. K. Hayes profile image

      Warren Keith Hayes 6 years ago from Bryson City, North Carolina

      Hi Barbergirl28, Video Games are a great way to have fun but if the game is upsetting him and thereby, unnerving you, perhaps you can tell him, "Honey, take a break...take a few deep breathes and look it up online". has a lot of great guides that always help me for getting past tough spots in the game. They even have cheat codes and tips that will help him get through the game faster. However, if he is playing consistantly for more than the recommended time of a few hours, he really should consider taking more time and spending it with you and that adorable little baby.

    • barbergirl28 profile image

      Stacy Harris 6 years ago from Hemet, Ca

      I think my husband is addicted to video games! Ok... so maybe not that bad, but he certainly likes to play a lot and gets frustrated if he can't beat the game immediately.