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Great decks for Elements the Game CCG

Updated on May 16, 2010

The most powerful of decks (currently) tend to revolve around creature cards. Playing with a large amount of these does have some weaknesses however. You're extremely vulnerable to mass area of effect spell cards, which tend to not be included in PVP decks during elements games.

Many creature cards have a great synergy with each other. In fact, you might want to mass quantum pillars and get certain ones in every color! Those are called rainbow decks and are very popular with Mark of Time players. They throw in the Golden Hourglass (allows them to draw more cards!) and Sundials (stops monsters from attacking).

  • Spark: A zero cost card. This elements creature is only around for one turn, and kills itself automatically afterwards. This is great food for the boneyards and vultures. You can also feed it to an oytugh for a bonus that lasts longer and still receive the death benefits.
  • Firefly Queen: An uncommon card for the air race. This is very, very good. Every turn they can spawn a decently weak firefly creature. All the death benefits count for it, and they do damage as well. The best part? The mini-fireflies also help produce free quanta every turn. These can be fed to Otyughs if you don't want them, but it's better to keep them alive.
  • Otyugh: Kill any creature with less health than it once per turn. Very, very useful and gains bonus damage/health each time. This can also work on your own creatures in Elements the game. Note: Using devour on a skeleton will not produce another from the boneyard. Having a few of these (especially with health boosting spell cards) will make quick work of creature decks, like the typical ones you'd find playing elements against a Mark of Life player.
  • Phase Dragon: Along with a couple others. This creature is immaterial... that means it can't be targeted! Immune to any creature killing effects.
  • Vulture: Gains bonus health and damage every time a creature is killed. They're very cheap too!
  • Boneyard: Spawns a 1/1 skeleton on your side whenever a creature that isn't a skeleton dies. There are spell effects that allow you to mass-increase the damage of all your skeletons.

There are plenty of other ways to play this flash game! These are just examples. Plenty of other cards have synergies when used in an elements the game deck. However, the very best decks don't use a large assortment of cards. This way they can guarantee finding several they're looking for early on. You can sample some of the top decks by playing the Tier 3 AI bots, which are based on the top 50 players of the week.

What cards do you like to use?

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    • profile image

      cj 6 years ago

      so far I play Air, Light, Life as a good combo...But I am relatively new to the game...

    • profile image

      Martitron 6 years ago

      One of best decks: 16 earth pillars, 6 graboids, 6 shriekers, 1 short sword 1 antlion or earth pillar and mark of time. Deck is really good to batle level 2 enemies and you can beat them fast. Upgraded cards works even better. how it works: graboids have ability to evolve into shriekers, but you need 1 quantum of time. And if you need, shriekers can be burrowed, so the enemy couldn't touch them.

    • profile image

      TheAnon420 6 years ago

      I use Light/Gravity deck. It's a deffensive style deck.

      G.Angels + Armagio is sick. Blessing + Otough is sick.

    • profile image

      Jacksonboy7 6 years ago

      I use Water, Time, and Light. My favorite cards are "Ice Dragon," "Pegasus," and "Fate Egg". I stink, my scores are high, then, suddenly, they become negative... I don't have any battle strategy. My advice is to read all your enemy's creature's skills before you make a move. If one of them had a skill that could poison your creatures and all of them had 1 life point, they would all be dead meat. And if you challenge me on a battle one day, "GO EASY ON ME OR IT'LL GET A BIT UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    • profile image

      google 7 years ago

      Earth, death, aether, life AWESOME

      P.S. I have every dragon plus three rare cards [ arsnic blue nymph and eternity]

    • profile image

      dragon man 7 years ago

      water is a good element retards

    • profile image

      Slayers 7 years ago

      AA: this was updated, it used to say rare, not uncommon. anyway, new cards have come out, and decks are ever changing.

    • profile image

      Ayoth 7 years ago

      Fluffles, 58 is cheap. Even an upgrade that costs 1.5k is cheap. You just gotta be patient and farm Fake Gods.

    • profile image

      Moe 7 years ago

      I use Air/Life/Light. I also use dragons for each tree because you know you are going to find yourself in a runaway quanta situation, so why not CYA on three trees?

      With air, the trick is to get your Fireflies out fast to draw fire from your opponent then drop your queens in and spawn away. I use Life for Fireflie production and Adrenalin. Light is for Holy Light heals and the shield (name escapes me atm).

    • profile image

      AA 7 years ago

      He said uncommon, not rare... 2 different things...

    • profile image

      fluffles 7 years ago

      vultures are 58 dollars idiot

    • profile image

      Tom 7 years ago

      @ goul66: Yeah he made a slight mistake in trying to help people out, that makes him an idiot. You're such a twat :)

    • profile image

      goul66 7 years ago

      firefly isn't rare idiot. Plus you forgot to add some good shields

    • profile image

      SR 8 years ago

      The Firefly Queen is a card for the Air Element and its not rare.