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Der Eisendracha: Best Survival Guide - Round 30+ Easy

Updated on June 23, 2016

Der Eisendracha

It may be a little late but I'm throwing my hat in the ring for Der Eisendracha Strategy Guides - I'll break down how I consistently complete 30+ round games on Der Eisendracha. Lets get into this first DLC for Black Ops 3 Zombies.

Rounds 1-3 / First Room Strategy

Here is where things start. Grab your tram fuse and turn on your first launch pad - these will come in handy later. Prone by the Quick Revive machine upstairs to receive an easy one hundred points then wait for zombies to spawn. Knife the first round - one hit kills with the knife, should be easy. Round two is still cake - two hit kills, but here we add something - when you get two zombies lined up, crouch and shoot the leg of the zombie nearest you, this should give 20 points each bullet as the bullet will hit two zombies. After shooting a single zombie 8 times eliminate the one that took the bullet first with a knife attack. By round 3 you should be out of ammo - this is when you use your tram fuse and you will be given max ammo, double points or insta-kill. We want insta-kill but max ammo still helps. If you are given double points be careful, in round 3 without a good weapon you can be overwhelmed easily. For this round I train the zombies by running loops around the main area in a clockwise direction and run up the stairs and wait for zombies to get close then jump down and train the middle area again. Only several fast zombies will be spawned in, so we must deal with these first. Once all zombies are spawned in make sure that all zombies are on ground level then go towards the stairs. Walk backwards up the set of stairs while knifing the zombies that follow, these should be the fast ones - once you reach the top of the stairs, turn and sprint to the drop and drop off. Then repeat the process on the other side of the steps, until all fast zombies have died. Finally finish off the other slow zombies using the crouch and shoot method to get rid of ammo then knife to finish them off to max out points. Finish round 3 in the room.

Round 4-6 / Feeding the Dragons

Now with all the points you have it's time to make some moves. Take the door on the lower level as your route to the power, so buy the gate then go upstairs, remove debris and buy the last gate, this will lead to the power room. If you sprint from door to door zombies will not catch you. Turn on power and teleport the Pack-A-Punch parts and move to the courtyard - turning on the launch pad on the way. Whenever you pass the box, whether its in the courtyard or before it use it to get a weapon. We will utilize this weapon to start dealing with the dragon heads. Spawn in all the zombies in the courtyard then lead them to the machine room through the large door into the castle and kill a single zombie under the dragon head. Wait about 5 seconds before killing another zombie and repeat. The time it takes for the dragon to accept another dead zombie is about the time it take to make a lap around the room, and this keeps the zombies chasing you in a circle and not walking randomly on the outside of the room. You should be able to break this dragon with these zombies - as soon as the dragon turns to stone and shatters, make your way down stairs into the tomb with the pyramid - here another dragon is located - kill as many as you can with the same method, except this time walk a lap around the pillars outside the pyramid to let the dragon eat. At the end of the round you should quickly teleport the other Pack-a-Punch parts and purchase Juggernog - If round 5 is dogs then go and buy quick revive, but if not then finish the dragon. Next, past the pack-a-pucnch location near Juggernog is a set of stairs to take you back up to the last dragon location. I run a path around the tank looking object outside to allow the dragon time to eat. Finish this dragon and get the bow as soon as you can. You can simply kill any zombies remaining to finish round 6 in the tomb by running around the outside of the pillars. Once the round finishes, activate three of the anti-gravity panels - leaving one panel inactive.

Round 7 / Storm Bow Beginning

We will begin the quest to get the storm bow this round. You may want to look up a guide to getting the storm bow and follow this guide with it to know when to do the steps. First, remain in the tomb running around the outside of the pillars as usually, cutting into the inside if need be to avoid zombies. Use the bow to kills all but a few zombies then run up stairs and start the quest by shooting the weather vain. You can now make the first three shots to light the bonfires to progress the quest, then activate the anti-gravity by standing on the last panel in the tomb area. To advance the quest again you will now run on the wall to activate all the wind symbols. You can now make your way to the first urn in the tower over Mule Kick with the Launch Pad outside. Kill the zombie near the urn to collect it's soul and start the next round.

Round 8-9 / Advance the Storm Bow Quest

Now we want to get the hard part of the quest out of the way with these rounds. You will kill more zombies until their souls stop getting released standing on the stairs by the urn using the bow, do not worry about ammo. Once souls stop coming out you can run up the stairs and drop down from the top and run to the second urn as you did before, firing shots of the bow at any zombie in the way. Now fill the next urn with souls then when safe put the arrow over the urn with a charged shot and use the launch pad, still holding the electrified arrow. You will have time to quickly make the shot at the closer of the bonfires. If you hit that shot, run into the tower and charge your bow over the urn and walk to the farther of the two bonfires and make that shot. If you miss the first shot you can go and jump from the launcher again and if you miss the second shot, you can kill all the zombies and start the next round and in between rounds you can make the shot with no distraction. Now we can charge the last urn at the rocket pad, teleport there from the tomb area and kill zombies to release their souls in front of the urn. Finally, you can kill zombies (I run circles around the area immediately after exiting the doors) except for one or two to stay in round 9. Now you can charge your bow over the urn and make your final shot and head back to the main area using the launch pad. Before you leave you should also turn on the launch pad there and teleport the Pack-a-Punch parts. Return to the weather-vane and place the reforged arrow into the box in the tomb marked with the storm symbol and you can charge your bow

Round 10 / Finish the Storm Bow Quest

Train around the tomb as before using the bow to make kills in front of the box to charge your arrow. Eventually you will hear a noise signaling that your bow is ready and you can hold square on the box to receive your lightning bow. This bow will be very useful to getting to high rounds. You can now finish the round with your new bow.

Round 11 / Set-up for Panzer and High Rounds

Next round is all about set-up, we can use any points you may have. Kill all but a few zombies in the tomb and make your way to the box. Hit the box until you get a Breci, a man-o-war, a Haymaker, a Dredge, or an ICR cause priority number one is getting a decent secondary weapon. Now if you have 5000 points you can Pack-a-Punch your secondary, if you do not have enough points proceed to the next step and you will go back to this. Next you can buy perks. The best perks to get in my opinion are Stamin-up to be able to sprint longer and then speed cola to reload faster. Make sure you watch for zombies and stay above 1000 points. Finally once you can't buy anymore or are fully set-up you can now kill the zombies to start the round by the death ray.

Round 12 / Panzer-Soldat

This round will be the Panzer round, a giant mechanical suit piloted by a zombie. Once the Panzer spawns in activate the death ray and switch to your secondary and shoot at its head until it dies. Once the death ray stops the Panzer will be dropped and will continue on if it isn't dead. To finish it shot it with a charged shot to capture it in the air again and hit it with arrows until it dies. Make sure to grab the part and the power-up it drops and then check the skies to see where the other piece of the Ragnarok has spawned in (once again watch a video to see what I'm referring to) and use a launcher to grab it. Finally teleport to the rocket test area and finish the round.

Round 13-14 / Finish the Ragnarok-DG4

Now we will build our second wonder weapon after acquiring the last piece. To get this piece we will kill zombies at the rocket pad until a test burn starts. Flip the switch that becomes active and move to the area where the doors are closing. It's much easier to do this with stamin-up. so consider buying the perk before leaving for the rocket pad if you don't already have the perk. Next you will move to the console and do a charged shot at the ground to kill all zombies approaching until the test launch ends then activate the console and the last piece will appear in the teleporter. Be careful if a round ends as sometimes the break between rounds is very, very short during the test for some reason. Now you can teleport out and approach the bench in the tomb and fire a charged shot and build the Ragnarok. You can now finish the round.

Round 15 / High Round Strategy #1 and More Set-Up

The first strategy is to camp by the quick revive - this is my preferred strat as zombie will only come from two paths funneling into the one path towards you. You can simply fire a charged shot to kill the zombies that come up the stairs or place the Ragnarok at the top of the stairs to progress quickly through round. Make sure to optimize your ammo and fire when zombies get close to kill as many as possible. I stand parallel to the front of the quick revive machine and fire as a single zombie gets close enough to hit me then back up and as zombies die move forward back to the spot and repeat. Make sure to keep zombies off of you - don't wait too long, you can get your ammo back, revives you can not. Wait until the end of round 16 and save a few zombies - I would use the Ragnarok round 15 so it doesn't kill the last of the zombies on round 16. Now you can finish set-up. First thing to do is to hit the box, use the box until you have BOTH monkeys and a Haymaker or Breci shotgun. Haymaker is really prefered but a Breci will do, but will make Panzer rounds more tricky. Then we will Pack-a-Punch the shotgun and re-pack it to get a special ability, take anything besides Dead Wire, Blast Furnace and Fireworks are my favorites. Now you have a full set-up and can run the high-round strat to crazy rounds, now you can finish the round.

Round 16 / High Round Strat #2

Another camping spot is the base of the stairs by the first urn that we filled with souls. If you stand a little ways up from the base of the stairs you can use your charged shots and Ragnarok to finish round quickly. Go ahead and finish rounds until the next Panzer round.

Round 17-18 / Panzer #2

Once the Panzer spawns in run to the Death Ray and activate it and kill the Panzer with your upgraded shot gun. This should be easy to do in the allotted time. You can then use the jump pad to get back to the rocket pad and use the other jump pad to go back to the first room and you can use the High Round Strat #1 to finish the round then at the end of the round you can run back to the stairs by the urn to use High Round Strat #2.

Round 19+

It's rinse and repeat from here. Use either of the high round strats to progress and once the Panzer spawns in run to the Death Ray to kill him off. You should be able to use your packed shotgun for one hit kills for awhile to save bow ammo if needed. Just fire quickly and if you get swarmed switch to the bow and do single shots. Single shots kill much faster than a charged so do a single shot or two then do a charged shot and switch back to shotgun and keep going. It is preferable to do the storm bow the entire time though. You can do the Wolf Bow Quest to get the reforged arrow if wanted then you can place the reforged arrow to get a max ammo when you need it. The Wolf Bow is weak and should not be used in place of the storm bow however. Use your Tram Fuse at the end of each round unless you have very high ammo to try to get a max ammo. If you are very low on ammo you can run a train in a circle outside the tower that holds the first urn and fire a charged shot at the horde of zombies after they have all spawned in to kill 30+ zombies with a single charged shot. You can also run circles around the launch pad to get kills at a sightly quicker speed, but be weary of a test burn, if that occurs use the launch pad to leave.

Good Luck

This is everything you will need to get to a high round. Have fun and good luck!


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    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 

      3 years ago

      I am not a gamer but I'm sure this will be of great interest to those who need the tips.

    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 

      3 years ago from Oklahoma

      Great strategy.


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