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Destiny 2 Black Armory Content Update

Updated on November 25, 2018
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Wesley is an avid gamer, streaming enthusiast, and a technology advocate with a certification in management & information systems technology

December Content Update and Release

The Black Armory will be the first content set to drop for Destiny 2 Forsaken Annual Pass holders. Being a pass holder or not, players will still receive a content update on December 4th. As for what is expected to come from the Black Armory update, here is what is confirmed so far. Access to the new and secretive "Black Armory" rumored to contain "Black" weapons which are presumed to be stronger than most standard exotics. There are tons of new activities and endgame content coming along with it as well, for starters, a new "Forges of the Chain" activity. On top of that, guardians will see a new raid lair, exotics, and legendary weapons or armor. Lastly, new Triumphs and Collections will be added to cover the new, owned, and available items to seek for the Black Armory. As mentioned above, all players regardless of owning an annual pass or not will still see the following as a standard content update deemed "Season of the Forge". Starting off with the obvious, a handful of "standard gameplay updates" which no specifics seemed to have been confirmed as to what that vague statement is. Aside from that, heavy machine guns are finally making their return in addition to some yet to be revealed newer weapons. Finally, there is already confirmed to be new Crucible content coming this way and the Iron Banner coming back as well.

The Coming Content in 2019

After the Black Armory and Season of the Forge content drops in December of 2018, players will have some time on their hands to explore all of the new free content on top of making a decision to grab the annual pass for the coming content after Black Armory has had some time to leave its' impression and gain some publicity from the player base. There is still plenty of reason to grab the annual pass even after Black Armory releases due to the fact that there will be two more content updates like it, alongside a complimentary free content update for players who don't feel the annual pass is worth it or necessary. The first of which will be coming in Spring of 2019 and has been deemed Jokers Wild (pass holders) and Season of the Drifter (free content update). Last up on the roadmap thus far for 2019 content is called Penumbra. While there will be a free content update to drop in Summer 2019 alongside Penumbra, the final name has not yet been released. The current roadmap displayed from Bungie actually says "Season of the" and then a blank bar. Whether they intentionally are keeping it a secret or not, no one seems to know. There are a handful of details listed under each update along with their release timeframe, most of it seems vague for the most part, leading a lot of people to presume that the content is still subject to change since it is still far off from release as well.

Seasonal Roadmap (Dec 2018- Summer 2019)
Seasonal Roadmap (Dec 2018- Summer 2019) | Source

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