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Destructotruck Game of Destruction Review

Updated on November 12, 2010
Destructotruck, online game of destruction.
Destructotruck, online game of destruction.

From the Ninja Kiwi who bought you the best tower defense game bar none, Bloons Tower Defense, comes a new, entirely different kind of game, Destructotruck. As the title suggests, it's a game about a truck that, well, destroys things in a destructive kind of fashion.

Game play is simple enough. Your Destructotruck starts off at the top of a ramp whilst lights change from red to yellow to green to tell you when to accelerate using the right arrow key. Press the key too early or too late and you'll receive a penalty notice and your speed will not be what it could have been.

Inevitably, Destructotruck leaves the ramp via a kicker and launches through the air, eventually descending upon some innocent structure and smashing it to pieces. Depending on how much momentum the truck has, it then bounces on in cartwheeling fashion, smashing other things as it leaps and bounds about the place, or comes to a halt. You receive money for all the buildings and flammable objects you destroy in one run.

Before you judge Destructotruck (and I suggest you never judge anything with 'destructo' right in the name, you should be aware that it's not all about smashing things with a truck that's being hurled through the air by the immutable forces of physics. Okay, it is, but there's more to the game than simply learning to hold down the right arrow key at the right time. After you've enjoyed smashing glass houses, small barns and trucks full of propane up for a while, you'll have earned enough money to buy some upgrades for your indestructible cartwheeling truck of doom.

Bull Bars stop you from slowing down so much when you plough head first into a sold object.
Aluminum Framing gives you more bounce for your buck, allowing you to carry your destructive rampage to greater heights.

Engine Rebore allows you to eek every last little bit of power out of Destructotruck's engine.

Rocket Boost boosts you with the power of, you guessed it, rockets.

Mount Doom allows you to build an extension to the ramp that results in greater speed and greater carnage.

These are but a few of the potential upgrades you can unlock with your smashy skill, but already you must surely see the great potential this game has for carving into your casual gaming time and subsequently leaving it a steaming mess with dollar signs floating above it.


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