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Diablo 3 Console Modded Gear for good!

Updated on June 13, 2015

Diablo 3 Console Modded Everywhere

So if you are one of the many gamers who have played Diablo 3 lately, Either if you are playing PC or on a Console. You probably know Blizzard had a pretty rough start with Diablo 3 when it first released. Spite all the insane problem's they did have, They manged to gain, keep and also bring back many players. Especially when they announced they will be releasing Diablo 3 on the console's, also bringing it to the Next Gen of gaming. All of the Diablo hardcore fan's who have played the very first Diablo and Diablo 2, Expected alot from Diablo 3, The review's of Diablo were all over the place when it first came out. Over time as we all know, With the numerous patches and daily constant work of managing and changing the game. It seem's DIablo 3 has hit a perfect flow to it. Shutting down the Real Money auction house, Seemed to keep the true lover's of the game, and got rid of the money grinders.

All of these rough starts and amazing features that blizzard has gone through to keep this afloat and yet 90% if not more of Diablo 3 player's on console's have modded gear. With modded gear going into the game , and the Dupe method being extremely easy to do, Modded gear has spread everywhere. Check out the video below of a Modded Demon Hunter.

Diablo 3 PC Have Modded Gear ?

From what I and many PC player's know. Blizzard keep's a very close eye on PC players and anything of this type will be auto banned from the game. Most player's who actually play on PC, Are legit season player's, Pvper's and Hardcore player's. To be honest most of the people on PC see someone modded will report you till you are gone. So now why are they letting the Console version of the game just be destroyed like this. Yeah you can play solo, or with a friend. But why do we have to deal with every time we go online someone is always modded and just kills everything by going by it. What's the point anymore in playing the game? Honestly Nothing. Will blizzard patch this, Ban anybody? or was releasing it on the console's with quick silly patches all about the money. In results to the PC Version, I would say if you want serious people, Legit game play with others online. Also where season mode is active. Play PC version all the way. At least until they begin to attempt to try and fix the modded gear that took over on the console version.

Photo of Modded Gear

One of VERY many pieces of modded gear in Diablo 3 ROS.
One of VERY many pieces of modded gear in Diablo 3 ROS.
One of VERY many pieces of modded gear in Diablo 3 ROS.
One of VERY many pieces of modded gear in Diablo 3 ROS.
One of VERY many pieces of modded gear in Diablo 3 ROS.
One of VERY many pieces of modded gear in Diablo 3 ROS.

Super Demon Hunter Video !?!?

I also run a Youtube Channel called Krixxuz Gaming. I went online one day and this guy started mailing me all kind's of gear that was modded, So I continued my Demon Hunter with this gear and I can pretty much do anything in the game on whatever difficulty, and any rift level.

In the video provided below, is a video showing people what a modded demon hunter looks like in game. Since I have made this video my Xbox account has been going off non stop of people asking for free modded gear, which is 100% possible using the dupe method. Now don't get me wrong I was scared through the next patches I could be banned, But all of the patches since than. They have not banned me or clearly anybody else at that matter.

Is it even fun? Worth it?

Of course it was a blast flying through the whole game on rift 100 and not being touched, It literally takes 2 - 3 minutes if not less to clear rift 100. So of course it was awesome, after a few hours it got extremely boring. And I began thinking to myself maybe I can restart the game and go legit. Instead I quit playing on the console and only play on the PC version. It is fun to have and see the game as a super hero, but it doe's ruin the game. At least for me it changed it a lot.

Diablo 3 Modded DH Rift 100

Can I have some Free Modded Gear Krixxuz?

I have gave people modded gear, a lot of gear actually. My profile has been constantly spammed and spammed of people messaging me asking for modded gear. I originally put up the video to show people what modded players look like. I never actually had the intent to give away more modded gear, But I did meet some people who were pretty awesome, So I do continue to do my best to share the modded love.

If you are playing on a Xbox one, Than sure I would be glad to do my best in sharing some of the modded love. Since it don't look like blizzard is attempting to fix this issue, We might as well play the game how players are making it.

Also remember just by going online, Asking another player who is modded in the game will probably help you out by giving you some modded gear. If they don't they either don't have any extra gear and or can't use the dupe method to do so.

Most players when giving someone else modded gear will use the dupe method to do so, If this player messes the dupe up they might ask for that piece of gear back so they can try the method again. Now most modders usually use a fried to make ton's of dupes or an alt account.
So this is usually nothing to worry about. If you are one of the lucky one's and they just start dropping or trading modded gear than get it while its good. The dupe method is very easy and can be done with almost every piece of gear in the game except certain rift things, keys etc. Below is the simple dupe method.

Xbox One Dupe Method

  1. Find the mail box
  2. Find the players name to send item
  3. This is the tricky part, When it says are you sure you want to send this item to this player. You are supposed to press A to send the item. Instead on this part you want to press the START button and the A button at the same EXACT time. If it works it will just go back to your item screen. If it fail's it will send the item you are attempting to dupe and that player will have to retrieve it from the mailbox and give it back.
  4. Repeat for more dupes
  5. Have fun and enjoy

Do you play DIablo 3 Modded

Do you play Diablo 3 Modded?

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      Apple Trip Games 2 years ago

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