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Diablo 3: Inarius Speed Run Necromancer Build Guide (Patch 2.6)

Updated on August 14, 2017
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Diablo 3 Necromancer, Copyright Blizzard Entertainment
Diablo 3 Necromancer, Copyright Blizzard Entertainment

Having a speed run build is essential if you want the quickest way to have stronger character. Use it for farming on Rifts and Bounties, or for quickly powering up lower level gems on Greater Rifts.

To those who are new to the concept of speed running in Diablo 3. Speed Running is all about finishing a goal whether it’s Rifting or Bounties in the most quickest way possible. Thus, helping you farm resources faster. In order to do this, your character should have the ability to move rapidly from one place to another, while maintaining enough damage to finish off enemies quickly.

How this build works?

Killing enemies by just simply walking through them is the play style of this build. It can be simply achieved using below combinations:

- Bone Armor: Swirling Tornado damage from 6 piece bonus of Grace of Inarius.

- Extra damage from both Pain Enhancer and Gem of Efficacious Toxin.

- Frailty for instant kill on enemies below 15% health. Then Aura of Frailty rune to make it passive.

- Brigg’s Wrath ring pull enemies towards you when they reach the Aura of Frailty’s range. It saves you more time in killing enemies this way.

- Pulled enemies also receives more damage due to Krysbin’s Sentence.

Active Skills

Bone Armor – Dislocation

The main damage dealer. Passive swirling tornado from Grace of Inarius is the bread and butter of this build. With the help Pain Enhancer, Gem of Efficacious Toxin, and Aura of Frailty, your character will just simply kill enemies by just passing through them.

Dislocation is the chosen rune for it’s ability to stun multiple number of enemies.

Corpse Lance – Visceral Impact

Your corpse consuming skill. Use Corpse Lance for killing elite’s and bosses. The stun from Visceral Impact rune not only locks down enemies, but also complements well with Krysbin’s Sentence for massive damage.

Frailty – Aura of Frailty

The curse for doing speed kills. It lets you instantly kill enemies below 15% health.

Having gold pickup radius increases the AOE (Area of Effect) of this skill. It means that you are more effective in pulling enemies with Brigg’s Wrath ring. Thus, better speed running.

Blood Rush – Metabolism

As I mentioned before. Speed runner should have the ability to move rapidly from one place to another. Blood Rush is the most qualified skill in Necromancer’s arsenal for doing it. Metabolism rune doubles the dashing capability of this skill.

Bone Spirit – Possession

Bone Spirit is your another source of burst damage. Charming your enemies via Possession also comes in handy, preventing an enemy from attacking you while activating Krysbin’s Sentence as well.

Command Golem – Ice Golem

Why there is a golem here? Main reason, Ice Golem is for activating the bonus from Lost Time. Also, its active skill can freeze enemies and activate Krysbin’s Sentence.

Passive Skills

Stand Alone

It massively increases your armor.

Overwhelming Essence

Why you have this passive when you are not going to use essence? Overwhelming Essence complements well with Reilena’s Shadowhook which increases your damage the more essence you have.

Spreading Malediction

Increases your damage for each enemies that you cursed. The more cursed enemies, the better damage bonus you get.

Dark Reaping

Since you are speed running, the best way to recover your health is passively. This skill lets you do that for each kill you make.


Grace of Inarius

The 6 piece set that you mainly need for this build to work. It is compose of Inarius’s Understanding (Helm), Inarius’s Martyrdom (Shoulders), Inarius’s Will (Gloves), Inarius’s Conviction (Chest), Inarius’s Reticence (Pants), and Inarius’s Perseverance (Boots).

The Witching Hour (Belt)

You need to squeeze as much damage as you can.

Strongarm Bracers (Bracers)

Pulled enemies are also valid to trigger the effects of Strongarm Bracers.


Trag’Oul’s Corroded Fang (1 hand Weapon)

This weapon lets you deal massive damage to cursed enemies.

Lost Time (Off-hand)

The best phylactery for speed running. All you need is your cold skills to trigger the movement speed increase. This item will also slow down enemies struck by your cold skills.


Wisdom of Kalan

This amulet will increase the number of your Bone Armor stacks. More stacks means better defense for you necromancer.

Brigg’s Wrath

The ring responsible for pulling enemies towards your location when they reach the range of your Aura.

Convention of Elements

Convention of Elements is overpowered in the hands of necromancer since the class only wields 3 elements (physical, cold, and poison). Now regarding this particular build. It uses the 3 mentioned elements as continuous damage.

Legendary Gems

Bane of the Trapped

Still the best Legendary Gem for multiplying damage.

Pain Enhancer

Pain Enhancer can outperform the damage of your swirling tornado on higher gem level.

Gem of Efficacious Toxin

What I like about this gem is its versatility. It provides some damage over time, increase damage to enemies, and less damage from their attacks.

Kanai’s Cube

Reilena’s Shadowhook

Reilena’s Shadowhook will increase your damage the more maximum essence you have.

Make sure that your 1 hand weapon and phylactery has increase maximum essence in their secondary stats. It is mandatory in order to achieve optimal damage.

Aguila Cuirass

Since you are not going to use your essence, just wear Aquila Cuirass to greatly increase your defense.

Krysbin’s Sentence

The greatest damage booster in your arsenal. This build has a lot of control-impairing effect so you don’t have any problems meeting this item’s requirements.

Paragon Points Priority


Maximum Essence

Movement Speed (until you reach 25% overall movement speed stats)



Cooldown Reduction

Critical Hit Chance

Critical Hit Damage

Attack Speed


Armor %

Life Regeneration

All Resistance

Life %


Life on Hit

Area Damage

Gold Find

Resource Cost Reduction

© 2017 Arc Sosangyo


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