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Diablo 3: Multishot Demon Hunter Build Guide (Patch 2.3)

Updated on October 13, 2015

As of patch 2.3, I believe this is the most badass Demon Hunter build in Diablo 3. The build can unleash devastating range damage all at once to multiple enemies.


Skill Build

Active Skills

Evasive Fire -Focus

This is your primary skill for generating generous amount of hatred and to trigger Bastions of Will. Hitting enemies easily is the main advantage of using Evasive Fire. It means you easily trigger both hatred generation and Bastions of Will.

Multishot – Arsenal

The damage is devastating from both arrows and rockets of this skill. This is your main damage dealer and hatred spender skill triggering another Bastions of Will.

Vault – Tumble

Use Vault to quickly escape from danger or to move instantly from one place to another. With Unhallowed Essence, generating discipline is easier. We choose Tumble rune for conserving discipline when vaulting multiple times.

Preparation – Invigoration

Discipline is very important for this build. Preparation is a good reserve for instantly restoring huge amount of discipline. Invigoration is a perfect rune choice since Multishot and generators deals more damage the higher amount of discipline you have.

Companion – Wolf Companion

Passively, the wolf can assist you in tanking some of the enemies. But the best thing the wolf can do is its ability to grant increase damage for the whole allies.

Sentry – Polar Station

The primary function of this skill is to instantly chill enemies so that you can easily sustain the effect of both Cull the Weak and Bane of the Trapped.

Passive Skills

Cull the Weak

This passive provides good amount of damage increase to your enemies. It complements well with Sentry – Polar Station.


It doubles the damage of your Arsenal Rockets. This passive also grants chance to spam additional rocket every time your DH attacks.


This passive is a generous damage multiplier (40% additional damage) to enemies above 75% health.

Steady Aim

This is another damage multiplier passive as long as you maintain distance to your enemies.


Equipment Build

Below are the required gears or else, this build will not work.

Unhallowed Essence set:

Accursed Visage (Helm)

Cage of the Hellborn (Chest)

Fiendish Grips (Gloves)

Hell Walkers (Boots)

Unholy Plated (Pants)

Unsanctified Shoulders (Shoulders)

With this set, it grants your Demon Hunter the following:

All your skill generators can now grant 1 discipline.

If you keep your distance from enemies within 4 seconds grants 20% damage reduction and 20% increase damage.

And the most important bonus is. Your generators and Multishot deal 15% increased damage for every point of Discipline you have.

Yang’s Recurve (Weapon)

The bow that is built for Multishot letting you spam it 50% faster.

Dead Man’s Legacy (Quiver)

The Quiver that is built for Multishot letting you hit enemies below 50% - 60% health twice. This is a counterpart effect of your passive skill Ambush.

Wraps of Clarity (Bracers)

The bracers provide good damage reduction (30% - 35%) to your Demon Hunter when you use a hatred generator.

Hunter’s Wrath (Belt)

This belt makes your primary skill attacks 30% faster and deal 45%-605 increase damage.

Bastions of Will:

Focus (Ring)

Restraint (Ring)

The best damage multiplier set Ring. Alternately using generator and spender grants you 100% increase damage.

Hellfire Amulet (Amulet)

Below are the recommended passive affixes to choose:

Awareness – increases the survivability of your Demon Hunter. Especially useful during higher grifts.

Leech – it gives your Demon Hunter good life sustainability.

Cull the Weak



Steady Aim


Weapon: Flawless Royal Emerald

Torso and Pants: Flawless Royal Ruby

Helm: Flawless Royal Amethyst


Bane of the Trapped – a good partner with Cull the Weak increasing damage against controlled impaired enemies. Works well with Polar Station.

Zei’s Stone of Vengeance – works like Steady Aim multiplying damage as long as you keep your distance to enemies. This can also trigger Bane of the Trapped effect via gem’s chance to stun.

Taeguk – this gem is a balance multiplier of damage and defense. Multishot - Arsenal can trigger its effect easily due to the skills outstanding range and rockets auto track.

Kanai’s Cube

Calamity (Weapon)

Using Calamity in your Kanai’s Cube multiplies your damage even more with its chance to cast Marked for Death.

Cindercoat (Armor)

It provides 30% resource cost reduction to your Multishot – Arsenal. Conserving resource means you can spam more than usual.

Convention of Elements (Accessories)

The element rotation is something to watch out for. Have fun dealing massive amount of damage when fire element stat roll.

By:Andreas Braun (Kreak)
By:Andreas Braun (Kreak) | Source

Alternative Setup

Alternative Active Skills

Entangling Shot – Justice is Served

This is the best alternative to Evasive Fire – Focus. The generator can easily trigger both Cull the Weak and Bane of the Trapped. Justice is Served rune lets you generate more hatred. And did I mention that the rune is fire element.

Smoke Screen – Healing Vapors

A good skill for escaping dangerous situations especially if your Demon Hunter is already caught by control impaired effects.

Caltrops – Bait the Trap

This is another skill that can trigger Cull the Weak and Bane of the Trapped. Standing in the Bait the Trap rune increases critical hit chance by 10%. That is good bonus to DPS.

Alternative Passive Skills



Alternative Equipment

The Witching Hour (Belt)

Still the best DPS belt period.

Alternative Gems

Bane of the Stricken – this gem is especially made for long fights. Each attack multiplies the damage taken of your enemy. Use this instead of Taeguk when it is alreadu available after season 4.

Alternative Kanai’s Cube

Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker (Weapon)

In case you don’t have Calamity yet.

Leoric’s Crown (Armor)

For multiplying the effect of your helm’s Flawless Royal Amethyst granting better Life% bonus.

Paragon Points Priority


Movement Speed until you reach 25%.



Maximum Wrath


Critical Hit Chance

Critical Hit Damage

Attack Speed

Cooldown Reduction


All Resistance

Armor %

Life Regeneration

Life %


Life on Hit

Resource Cost Reduction

Area Damage

Gold Find


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