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Diablo 3 RMAH Guide

Updated on May 5, 2012

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About the Real Money Auction House

The real money auction house, or RMAH, is a unique new feature that Blizzard has implemented into Diablo 3, and is something that has never been done before in any video game. With that said, there is a certain amount of experimentation and discovery that will have to go alone with using the RMAH, as no one has had experience with something gusta this before.

However, Blizzard has released information about how users can sell in game items on the RMAH and the fees and policies that are attached to each sale.

For equipment, there will be a $1.00 USD fee for selling the item that will be charged only once the item has been sold.

For commodities, which includes every item that is not a weapon or armor piece, there will be a 15% charge on the final sale price that will only be applied once the item has been sold.

Finally, each account is limited to selling only ten items at a time.

All of the money that you earn from selling your items on the RMAH will go into your account, which can only hold up to $250 USD at one time. Blizzard employees have mentioned in the forums that the limit may increase after launch, but the reason that the limit is imposed is for taxation reasons.

You can remove the money from your wallet into a Paypal account that you have linked to your account, but doing so incurs a 15% fee on the amount being withdrawn.

More information regarding how to set up auctions, the currencies that are used on the auction house, and how to set up your account with a Paypal account can be found in Blizzard’s official auction house guide.

Auction House Tips

Now, the auction house will not be implemented into the game until ten days after the May 15 launch, which means that everyone will have a chance to farm for items and level up their character, so when the RMAH launches you will have a stock of items to sell. Items selling on the RMAH will probably sell for very low prices, as the true value of the items will not have been established yet. Buying up cheap items on the gold auction house could allow you to sell them on the RMAH to turn a profit.

All of the five classes in the game are capable of playing through every part of the game solo on every difficulty, meaning that you can farm for items no matter what class you decide to choose. However, when choosing your class, keep in mind that picking the class that you find to be the most fun tends to be the one that will allow you to progress the furthest and earn the most gear. Personally, I would say that the barbarian and wizard are the best choices for working the RMAH, due to the fact that they both have powerful AOE attacks and are quite similar to classes from past games, which makes for a less steep learning curve.

My advice upon first starting the game is to progress through the storyline as quickly as possible, earning and storing enough loot to allow you to immediately put up a few auctions once the RMAH goes live. This means that you have about ten days to beat the game on normal, and hopefully start working on the next difficulty level to get some higher level drops. Additionally, try to upgrade your stash to its maximum capacity, to allow you to hold as much gear and materials as possible.

Use up any spare gold that you have to buy up goods on the gold auction house, as the items listed there will most likely be ridiculously undervalued and can be sold on the RMAH for a nice profit. Also, any low level magic items will most likely not earn very much on the RMAH, so salvaging them into crafting materials that will be in high demand on the RMAH is an attractive option.

One last word of advice; don’t purchase any guides talking about how to make money on the RMAH on, as there really are no secrets to find when it comes to selling virtual items. It’s simple basic economics – items with low supply, rare and epic gear, will have high demand, thus will sell for real money. Likewise, common items, which will have a high supply, will be in low demand as it is quite easy for people to farm these items themselves. Play the game for fun, and your profit will follow as you progress through Diablo 3.


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