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Diamonds Multiplayer

Updated on September 28, 2010

Diamonds Multiplayer is a very fun game on It challenges the mind in many ways but it is still fun. The fun part is that, you get to play and beat people online. This is how Diamonds Multiplayer works. You collect diamonds from the drifting diamond field by switching stones so that there at least 3 of the same colour forming a row or column. Now if you are really good at this game, you can become fast at it. Some people are so good in this game that they can form a row of 4 of the same colour. What I mean is, if you remove more than 3 diamonds at a time, 1 of your opponent's diamonds will be wrapped in a stone case.The diamond must fall at least one row to brake the stone case,knowing this wouldn't you want to play this game? I know you want to. I have to tell you or warn you that this game is very addictive.Once you play this game you will not stop playing it. Diamonds Multiplayer is great for meeting people from all around the world. When your online, you can make friends from all over. Now for anyone who is reading this, I want you to play this game. In Diamond Multiplayer my name there is Rydell. Remember it. In my apinyun the jewel in is Diamond Multiplayer.


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