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Model Cars - Diecast Cars

Updated on February 4, 2009

Diecast Model Cars

If you are interested in collecting model cars, you will quickly learn that there are many different types, sizes, and styles of diecast cars. You'll find that Hot Wheels Cars aren't the only diecast cars that collectors treasure in their collection.

Collecting diecast model cars is a great way for automotive lovers to be able to have all of their favorite cars in any color or year, but in miniature version.

There are two different types of cars that you can collect- die cast cars and model car kits. The die cast cars are pretty popular and can be found in a variety of scales ranging from 1:10, 1:12, 1:18, 1:24, and 1:43 scale to the original car size. The diecast model cars are typically about 10 to 12 inches long, allowing them to easily fit on a display shelf.

You will find that when colelcting model cars, there are some of the rare and antique cars that are actually valued pretty high and just appreciate their value each year. When getting into the hobby, you'll want to consider purchasing a guide on pricing model cars.

No matter what age you are, collecting model cars can actually be an exciting hobby. You will even get to meet others with the same interests in model cars as you, especially if you regularly participate in the model car community. Just remember that you to start slow, but there are some cases where collectors will actually turn a business out of their hobby.

Collecting Model Cars

Collecting model cars is not a new hobby; it actually has a starting point in the post WW2 era with the Ace and Berkeley wooden cars.

Plastic model car kits weren't manufactured until Derk Brand in England created the 1932 Ford Roadster. Later on, Derk Brand started making model car kits for the Gowland Brothers in England and then Revell in U.S.

Model cars hit their first peak in the collector's world in the 1950s and 60s when more children gained interest in the toy cars and the promo cars were actually released. At this point, more companies wanted in the market, here is were AMT, Revell, Jo-Han and Monoram started making their model car kits.

To date, model car kits and die cast model cars are much more advanced than their earlier counterparts, which makes them even more popular among children and adults for both toys and collector's pieces. Modern model cars have etched details, adhesive chrome trim, engine wiring, aluminum billeted parts, rubber tires, and sometimes even drivers and passengers.

Typically, 1:43 is considered the collector's scale, but you can choose from 1:8; 1:18; 1:24; 1:43 and 1:87 scale cars to add to your collection.

Remember that when you start your collection of model cars, you want to start small and simple because you have to start with one car before you can end with thousands. The more popular model car series that beginner collectors typically start with is going to be the NASCAR series of die cast cars.

Just remember to take it easy and buy what you like.

Profiting from Model Car Collections

You'll find that many collectors recommend that you collect cars that you like. You want to shop around for the best price, when you do find what you're looking for because when you find the lower prices, you are able to sell for a better price, potentially making you a profit.

Many model car collectors will auction off the rarer models in their collection, sometimes making thousands of dollars, so if you keep up with the search for your favorite model cars, you can turn your hobby into a business. But remember that you'll need to spend money to make money.

When selling your model cars, you'll find that the diecast model cars will actually bring a higher profit, but if you're a beginner, you'll want to start slow and small so that you don't get overwhelmed. Many beginners prefer to start with NASCAR die cast model cars.

Another tip from experienced collectors is that you don't stick with one type of die cast model cars, meaning that it is better for your and your collection to have a diverse assortment of model cars. This is a great way to profit from your collection in the long run, as what may have a low value now, may appreciate in time.

You'll want to add older and rarer model cars to your collection; just remember that you should always shop around before buying the first thing you see. If you are planning on profiting from your collection, you want to buy low and sell high.

Model cars that look outdated and just plain old may be some of the best finds that you could acquire because you can almost always find someone who wants that particular model to add to their collection, so if you can find it priced low, buy it.

If you are serious about getting into collecting model cars, and you want to make a profit, it is going to be very beneficial to you to purchase a collector's guide that will help you determine the value of your model cars.

Buying Model Cars

Ok, so now that you've got the bare basics about collecting model cars, you need to know where to buy them. Ok, so you can go to the store and purchase the mass production cars, but the cars that you want to focus on are those that you can find elsewhere. Mass production model cars that you find at retail stores are typically poorly manufactured.

Some of the basic places that you will want to check out are some of those you may not think of often...

You will actually be very surprised by some of the deals that you will find at flea markets and eBay auctions. You will find rare model cars and accessories for low prices that you will find as great assets to your collection.

Just remember when it comes to auctions and eBay, you will see bigger bids for those model cars with a higher demand.

You will find that the more you get into the hobby, the better your negotiation skills will get, meaning that in turn the higher your potential profit will be. You will be amazed as to how focused you will become with your hobby and how focused others are, especially when it comes to getting a model car that you really want such as rare and more antique cars. You will also learn patience, as you will not want to jump on the first rare or unique car that you find; you want to be patient and find the best deal.

You can use the internet as a great resource to find exactly what model car kits and die cast model cars that you are looking for. You will quickly find that your small collection will grow rapidly, which means the value of your collection of cars will also grow.


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      bradley brown 5 years ago from Harrow Middlesex

      Wonderful HUB Whitney05, i had loads of die cast toys not just cars wish i had kept them lovely read.