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Diet Friendly Snack Foods for Hardcore Gaming.

Updated on October 1, 2017

Fruits and Vegetables

We'll start with what is probably your least favorite option, but don't run away yet, fruits and vegetables can make perfect snacks for all night gaming. Plus they are healthy, full of nutrients, and easy on the hips.


  1. Carrot Sticks
  2. Celery Sticks
  3. Green Peppers
  4. Cherry Tomatoes


  1. Strawberries
  2. Grapes
  3. Blueberries
  4. Blackberries
  5. Raspberries
  6. Orange Slices

Basically any fruit or vegetable you like to eat that can be cut into (or already are) small, easy to grab pieces, will work as a good gamin snack. I'm not going to touch too much on the fact that fruits and vegetables are good for you, as that's common knowledge, and I don't want to beat a dead horse.



Popcorn, if made correctly, can be a very good snack for those who want to watch their figure. Air popping is best but some newer popcorn poppers can get the job done with less oil than previous models.

What makes popcorn a good diet friendly snack is that you can put almost any topping you want on it. If you start to get bored of it just change the topping! Its also an easy to eat snack while your gaming all night with your buddies or running that dungeon on your favorite MMO.

Some popular and surprising popcorn toppings include:

  1. Cheese
  2. Butter
  3. Salt
  4. Lemon Pepper
  5. Powdered Ranch Dressing
  6. Kool-aid (Try it, if you like sour candy this may be right up your alley)
  7. Pickle Juice (With a pickle or two included in this snack)
  8. Specialty Popcorn Seasoning (comes in Nacho, White Cheddar, and Jolepeno to name a few)
  9. Cayenne Pepper
  10. Taco Seasoning

Just to name a few, find something you like and experiment! You can also buy microwave popcorn in various exciting flavors that way you can make you're snack quickly and have a variety of flavord to choose from so you'll never get bored.

Pretzels and Nuts

Nuts and pretzels are good easy gaming snacks that don't carry much guilt with them. Nuts make good snacks and can help put off food cravings and can fill you up surprisingly well even if you don't eat a ton of them.

Pretzels can be dipped in low calorie dips or eaten plain for a good salty snack while your gaming with your buddies. You can also mix Nuts, pretzels, popcorn and your favorite cereal together to make one heck of a snack mix that will last you for those all Night game sessions and won't make you tip the scales in the morning!


Dry Cereal

Cereal contains vitamins and minerals and is generally good for you in appropriate portions and as long as it doesn't contain too much sugar and marshmallow filler. A bowl of dry cereal can go a long way as a gaming snack. Each piece is bite size and doesn't require a lot of concentration to eat so you're less likely to die or cause your party to wipe while eating this snack.

I recommend any kind of cereal that is east to eat with your fingers so flake cereal and small grain cereal probably wouldn't work as well. However if that's what you like, eat it, but it may be less convenient.

Add milk (regular or soy) and your bowl of cereal can do a good job of satisfying that late night snack craving, so you don't fall off the wagon and end up ruining your diet for that day.


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