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Different Versions of Herbie Diecast

Updated on March 21, 2015

Who is Herbie?

Herbie is the titular name of an anthropomorphic Volkswagen Beetle from its 1963 model. The license belongs to Walt Disney and first appeared on the film The Love Bug in 1968.

From there, Herbie starred in various films and has also expanded to different toys, ornaments, and diecast representations.

Hotwheels Herbie Diecast –

Apparently, Hotwheels acquired the go signal to manufacture Herbie diecast in different scales / sizes.

Listed below are Herbie diecast variations that Hotwheels has released this 2014:

  • 1/64 (small scale) and part of its main line series
  • 1/64 (small scale) and part of its Retro series

(FYI please that Hotwheels Retro Herbie is a more detailed representation of compared to its main line series.)

  • 1:18 Hotwheels elite. This one is a bigger representation and is highly detailed but is also pegged at a higher price.

I already have bullets 1 and 2. They can be seen on the photos below.

The one’s on the right is the 1:18 scale which are also available on both eBay and Amazon. I don’t have this item yet because the price seemingly doubles here in Philippines after taxes.

Hotwheels Herbie 1:64 -- "mainline"
Hotwheels Herbie 1:64 -- "mainline"
Hotwheels Herbie 1:64 -- "Retro Series"
Hotwheels Herbie 1:64 -- "Retro Series"

My personal opinion about Hotwheels Herbie diecast:

It’s nice that Hotwheels was finally able to be given the go signal to manufacture this particular diecast. However, their Herbie version seems a bit inferior to the ones produced by Johhny Lightning – in terms of casting, wheels, design, etc…

Even though the Retro series version is a huge improvement compared to the regular / main line version, the Retro version still falls short from expectation of collectors. I mean, just look at the spacing between main body and the wheels ugh!

Johnny Lightning Herbie Diecast –

Johhny Lightning’s version of The Love Bug Diecast is included on its Hollywood on Wheels series. As mentioned above, I personally think JL has made a better job compared to Hotwheels in producing this particular diecast.

Unfortunately, JL has already stopped producing Herbie diecasts and this obviously follows that it is quite rare and is pegged at a high price in both online stores and offline hobby shops.

As far as I know, listed below are the different variations of JL’s Herbie diecast and all of which are part of the Hollywood on Wheels series (except the last bullet):

  • Herbie regular paint job (comes in two different packaging)
  • Herbie muddy version
  • Herbie goes bananas
  • The race car that is the opponent of Herbie in the film Fully Loaded
  • Two different versions of Herbie Five Pack

Johnny Lightning Herbie Diecast on both eBay and Amazon

Below are different versions of JL Herbie diecasts currently available on both eBay and Amazon.

Caramax Herbie Diecast

On this section onwards, we will discuss the 1:43 Caramax Herbie diecast.

1:43 is a size / scale bigger than HW and JL 1:64 Herbie. Since it is bigger, there is more room to put detailed improvements in terms of everything – side mirror, plate number, interior, wheels, paint job etc…

1:43 Caramax Herbie diecast has two variations. Below photos will show these two variations and will be labeled / described accordingly.

As can be seen on the above pictures, the first wave of 1/43 Caramax Herbie is more detailed compared to its second. It has amazing paint job (compared to the second’s white painting), has side mirror, and amazing packaging.

Rusted Herbie


Other Herbie Diecast –

Since Herbie is a popular icon and well – received character, it is not surprising that it has numerous merchandise (and this involve diecast variations).

I’m sure Ebay and Amazon has this different versions of Herbie diecast and shown below are some of these.

That's just about it.

Herbie is a lovable character that is known by both older and younger generation. And this goes for future generations as well.

For more information about the wonderful world of diecast collection, please check out the links below:


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