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PC Game Reviews: Digimon Masters Online

Updated on April 27, 2017

Digimon Master Online vs Pokemon Online


Digimon Masters online is nothing new to Online PC games, but the question was, is it worth playing? most importantly is it like Pokémon? With so many Pokémon fans out there without a Nintendo that wishes for the title to come to there nearest console or computer.

Sure you can find a bunch of Pokémon games online for your computer but with the same Game Boy style of play, with that in mind you must be a real Pokémon fan to live with that golden age graphics including the crowd and some annoying controls, there is also many other games like Pokémon but most or nearly all of them has the same style of play, it's not me to enjoy browser games like that.

This is where Digimon Masters come in play for some of these fans, the game runs smoothly with a lot of options to enjoy the game, will you help your friends? or maybe start your own shop or even better, your very own guilt to compete against the best it's all up to you.

Digimon Masters Story

In Digimon Online you need to collect as many Digimon as possible, while completing the main story, you need to track down another master that is causing chaos in the Digimon World, I will be honest the story don't keep you busy for very long, a month or so and it's all done, not a month in completing stories, but to level up your Digimon in order to advance the story this is where most of the time is spend.

Don't worry there is plenty of replay value, ok no replay value you just continue where you left off after you finish all the main quests, you can continue doing the daily quests while collecting Digimon which you will soon discover is hard unless you have a budget to cover the expense.

That self isn't a problem if you are willing to put in the time and effort this way is more fun than just buying a Digimon then hatching it, this will also keep the game more interesting for longer.

Oh, what am I saying? This game updates every month, bringing new Digimon and new events and sometimes new locations with the main quests to complete with new daily tasks, yes every month there is something new to do, this can range from getting rare items from random Digimon battles, defeating high-level Digimon, defeating high-level Digimon with your friends for a rare item or achievement, so unless they stop updating you will always have something to do alone or with your friends.

Money Vs. Virtual Money

As you know there are some games that will give you a very high advantage if you spend your hard earned cash in their game by buying the things you need like Eve Dust on the PlayStation 3 and slightly on Planetside 2, but with Digimon, it really doesn't matter.

Any item you can buy with your money you can buy from someone else that is selling that items with your virtual money found in the game by battling or selling the items you collect from Digimon's.

Sure it will take much much longer, for instance, you will need to find a Digimon egg that is hatchable, then you need to find data eggs to scan them for the data, the main ingredient to hatching a Digimon egg. This is hard to do, not so much when it comes to finding the eggs, but the hatching can fail and break your egg leaving you to start all over again.

There are 5 levels you will need to insert data 5 times successfully, at any level it can break though you can hatch your Digimon on level 3, it will be small and kind of weak compared to the other levels, the higher the level, the stronger and bigger your Digimon.

By terms of breaking you need around 30 eggs to make it to level 4 alone, more for level 5 as it seems to be just luck when it comes to this, but with close attention, it is easier when you try continuously.


The game runs smoothly on its point and click mechanics, you also don't need a very fast internet connection 1Mb/ps will be more than enough to run the game as smooth as possible, system requirements are at minimum which I will list in a table below for you to review and see if your system is compatible.

Its not Pokémon

Sure it's not Pokémon, though very alike with the better graphics as a plus, you won't need Pokeballs instead your working with eggs with the same storage system like in Pokémon called the Digimon Archive, you will need to collect all the Digimon just like in Pokémon, upgrade yourself including your Digimon that will, later on, evolve as it gains more experience also just like in Pokémon.

You can always buy the Digimon games on the PlayStation 2 or buy a Nintendo console to enjoy your Pokémon games, if I had to prefer then just download Digimon Masters Online for free at Joymax, they have other games as well, but Digimon is by so far the best to play and by that I mean with friends and family.

System requirements

Xp-Windows 8
Any duel core 2 GHz or higher
2Gb at any speed rate
512Mb DDR3 shader 2
Broadband internet 1Mb/ps
Make a note, there will never be an accurate system requirements list, as they update the game every month specs can change in any of the above, mostly your hard drive.


Can crash at any time (no worries the game saves with ever area you enter and after every item you collect)

Sometimes there is bugs after an update with new events.

Can be a long journey to get what you want.


It's a solid game with tons of replay every month as they add events and other content.

Fun with friends and alone.

Lots of Digimon that you can collect.

What's your favorite?

Pokemon or Digimon

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4 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of Digimon Online

© 2014 Phillip Grobler


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