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Diner Dash for Nintendo DS

Updated on October 7, 2007

Game Review

I really did not know what to expect from this game, except I had heard it was fun to play. I did in fact find it fun as well as easy to learn to play. The main object of the game is to be a waitress and earn the goal for the day in order to improve the restaurant with upgrades. The game controls are easy with all you have to do is tap the screen for everything. To earn the most money you have to please the customers and the faster you do it the better. The main sequence is seat them, take their order when they are ready, serve them, give them the bill when they are done eating, and bus the table. Sometimes there are families you wait on and you have to give them a high chair and occasionally clean up after them. When your customers mood is low in some levels you can boost it by serving them a drink, such as coffee in diner mode. This will help make them happy, thus better tip for you. The game can get fast, but for me that is where the fun challenge of the game comes in. I found that it was easy to meet the goal for every level most of the time on my first try. Getting the elite goal is much harder though and I only got it on my first try on one level.

The games graphics are pretty simplistic but the fun part is as you get upgrades you do get to choose to some extent how you want the restaurant to look.

In the game I found the Endless Shift mode to be the most fun. You serve, wait on tables, bus the tables, seat more people, and start over again until it gets too fast paced for you resulting in too many lost customers. It starts out slow, but it can end up pretty tough. Although I will admit this game can be very redundant feeling, it was this challenging mode that made me addicted to it in order to keep trying to do better.


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    • profile image

      Katrina 9 years ago

      If i played this game before going to sleep it gave me nightmares of angry people wanting to sit and eat and i couldnt do it fast enough.