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Dire maul Gordok Commons an alternative way in World of Warcraft

Updated on February 19, 2012

The tribute run

You have just signed up to the dungeon finder and after clicking the icon when it appears you arrive in Dire Maul, the Gordok Commons often also known as Dire Maul north and since about patch 4.03 it has been a level 42 to 52 dungeon. You will know you are there as the first thing you will see is the druid of the talon in his bird form (screenshot below) if it is your first time he will also offer you the King of the Gordok quest.

Now normally the idea in every dungeon is to hack, slack and sling spells to all before you lay vanquished taking the often tempting shiney blue rare loot from bosses along the way. In most dungeons this is the only option available, in Dire maul Gordok Commons though there is another way one that will seem a little alien but will pay off.

This alternative is to actually leave the bosses ALIVE, yes you did read that right. The reason for this?

Well when you talk to Mizzle the crafty at the end of the dungeon after killing King Gordok the tribute chest will appear. For each boss that you leave alive along the way there will be an EXTRA blue item in here, the tribute from those you left alive for you the new king. There is also two quests you will be able to complete "unfinished Gordok business" and "taste test"

This could be done pre cataclysm and involved substancially more effort as well as materials thankfully now everything you need is in the dungeon itself.

Both giver of the quest "King of the Gordok" and a clear indication that you are in Dire maul Gordok commons
Both giver of the quest "King of the Gordok" and a clear indication that you are in Dire maul Gordok commons | Source


There is nothing is this guide that should be much of a problem with an experienced group who communicate, the main problem then?

It is entering using the random dungeon finder and trying a tribute run with people who either do not care about doing one or just will not listen. If possible I recommend going with a group of friends or guildies if you can. Of course if you are the tank it can be easier to direct a party where you want them to go (but by no means count on it).

Guard Mol'dar

This is the first guy that you nedd to leave alive he is found down the bottom of the ramp just by the entrance on the grassed area. How to avoid killing this guy is easy make a sharp left before going down the ramp and stay on the upper path thereby completely missing him out. This route will also make you avoid the next boss.

As well as proving extra loot guard Mol'dar is where you complete the "unfinished Gordok business" quest given to you by Captain Kromcrush one you have become king of the Gordok.

Stomper Kreeg

Stomper Kreeg is an ogre who obviously likes a drink or two, and like Guard Mol'dar is another boss you can easy avoid. Once you have completed the tribute run Stomper Kreeg will start and finish the "taste test" quest rewarding you with numerous alcoholic beverages including Gordok green grog and Kreeg's stout beatdown. Once friendly he is also a vendor who sells yeas you have guessed it a number of alcoholic beverages!

Both drinks he rewards you with grant you a buff Gordok green grog gives you 10 stamina for 10 minutes (green means its good) whilst Kreeg's stout beatdown gives you 25 spirit but at the cost of 5 intellect (smooth).

Stomper Kreeg
Stomper Kreeg | Source

Guard Fengus

After turning a sharp left and moving forward you will come to another courtyard, it may be best to clear out some trash mobs here and give you some room to manoeuvre. Make sure you do this at the bottom of the ramp leading up to the court yard, you will also most likely need to pull another couple of groups down here as well. Guard Fengus is another guard you can avoid however he patrols round more, the best way to avoid him is to wait at the top of the ramp when you see him move off to the left make your way across the courtyard. Be prepared for another fight though as you come down the ramp dispatch this as quickly as you can or pull them through the door into the tunnel beyond Guard Fengus's patrol leads him back right up to this door.

Guard Fengus though try not to get this close to him!
Guard Fengus though try not to get this close to him! | Source

Guard Slip'kek

With Guard Slip'kek things start to become a little bit more involved but do not worry it is nothing to complicated. Like the other guards beware of pulling him. As you travel down the tunnel into a more open area you will find a frost trap set on the floor with a blue repeatable quest ? above it also nearby is the quest giver Knot Thimblejack. Clear the other trash mobs making sure you pull them back away from the trap just in case. Once the coast is clear and guard Slip'kek is off patrolling run in and activate the ice trap. Now just sit back and wait, his patrol takes him through the ice trap, if you do aggro him it is possible for the tank (or whoever else has aggro) to kite him into the trap.

This is how Guard Slip'kek should look once you have cunningly trapped him
This is how Guard Slip'kek should look once you have cunningly trapped him | Source

Captain Kromcrush

Now to fool Captain Kromcrush is a little more involved after all he is the captain of the guards for a reason. One person in the group must accept the "Gordok ogre suit" quest given by Knot Thimblejack. This quest involves travelling up the ramp to the floor above (clearing trash mobs as you go) on the floor here is the ogre tannin you need to complete the quest. Be aware that when you pick it up a Gordok Bushwhacker will spawn and run right at you!

Simply return the ogre tannin to Knot and will will give the player who does it the Gordok Ogre suit. When wearing this suit the player will be friendly to Captain Kromcrush however in order to get to talk to him you must clear a few more trash mobs first. Once this is done make sure you are wearing the Gordok ogre suit (you will know as you will look like an ogre). Make sure all the other players stay well back from him, approach and complete the dialogue he will storm off in search of Guard Fengus at some imagined insult. Once he has gone there are only a few more trash mobs to clear before you arrive at King Gordok himself.

Captain Kromcrush side by side with a player disguised in the gordok ogre suit.
Captain Kromcrush side by side with a player disguised in the gordok ogre suit. | Source

Cho'rush the Observer

Cho'rush the observer stands next to the final boss that you must kill King Gordok. The trick to keeping him alive is to have the tank, tank him as normal but concentrate all dps on King Gordok himself. Once King Gordok has been slain Cho'rush the observer will break off the fight and become friendly towards the players.

Cho'rush the observer stood by King Gordok (no doubt soon to be ex king)
Cho'rush the observer stood by King Gordok (no doubt soon to be ex king) | Source

King Gordok

King Gordok is the final boss of Dire Maul Gordok commons and stands side by side with Cho'rush the observer. It is him you must kill to complete both the "King of Gordok" quest and complete the tribute run. Once he has been slain another ogre will appear Mizzle the crafty and you will need to speak to him.

Mizzle the crafty

Mizzle the crafty only appears once you have killed King Gordok you must speak to him in order to gain the King of the Gordok buff which makes all surviving mobs and bosses in the instant friendly, he will also call forth the tribute chest which contains the loot that you have been after all along.

Mizzle the crafty stood over the body of the fallen king Gordok
Mizzle the crafty stood over the body of the fallen king Gordok | Source
What you have been after all along the tribute chest
What you have been after all along the tribute chest | Source

The aftermath

You can now travel freely through the dungeon as every mob will now be friendly, you can speak to most mobs who will congratulate you on becoming king. Remember to travel back through the instance to complete the "King of the Gordok" quest. You can also do the "unfinished Gordok business" quest this start at Captain Kromcrush who is now where Guard Fengus was and is finished at Guard Mol'dar and rewards you with some decent blue gloves as well as experience. You can also complete the "taste test" quest at Stomper Kreeg who gives you some alcohol to sample at your own peril, once completed he also becomes a vendor so you are able to sell up.

There all done and a different experience of Dire Maul Gordok commons then the usual hack, slack and spell slinging bonanza that is dungeons in Blizzard's excellent World of Warcraft.

Which way do you prefer to do the dungeon Dire Maul Gordok common?

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