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Disney Infinity 3.0: Playing Around In The Toy Box

Updated on September 12, 2015

For me the Toy Box has to be the best part of any of the 3 incarnations of Disney Infinity. It is an amateur game developers dream game creation toolkit.

There has always been great scope for creating your own games in the Toy Box and with each new version it just gets better and better with more tools and objects to play around with.

Types Of Games You Can Create In Disney Infinity 3.0

This is about the same as the earlier games, there are just more and better tools to do it with.

Platform Games

You can create great retro style platformers like the original Donkey Kong and even Mario and Sonic clones. These are easy to create with the option of side scrolling or tracking cameras to follow the player.

Racing Games

Do you love racing against your friends? Well why not create your very own Cars racing game. If you own the Cars characters from the first instalment of Disney Infinity this is a great way of using them in this version.

You can now create a great race track without needing to use track pieces all the way round. This makes it easier to build great race tracks.

Now with the new Star Wars themed pieces you can recreate the pod races from Episode 1.

Role Playing Games

You can create some amazing worlds for your characters to explore in the Toy Box. You can use logic toys to create tasks that can be set by some of the NPC's. This gives you the scope to create an open world RPG along the lines of Fable etc.

Fighting Games

You can build an arena where you can sporn enemies for your characters to fight. You can use the logic toys to keep track of scores etc. These games are great if you have the Mavel or Star Wars Characters to play with.

Puzzle Games

Using the logic toys you can create puzzles that players have to solve to get through the game. Try to recreate the Monkey Island games.

Or even mix it up

Why not look at games like Tomb Raider that use elements of RPG but are Heavier on puzzle solving and combat. Tomb Raider at times is a platform puzzler with great combat and cut scenes which you now have the facility to recreate in Infinity.

What I Think Of 3.0 's Toy Box Mode

4 stars for Disney Infinity 3.0 Toy Box

The Toy Box is better than previous incarnations however as always there is still some room for improvement.


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