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Disney Netpal Magic Blue: Enchanting Children to Creavity

Updated on June 24, 2011

Kids between the ages of 6-12 will definitely enjoy the Disney Netpals. There are two color options, Magic Blue, presumably for young boys and Princess Pink for girls. But there are no gender requirements for either colors.

The Disney Netpals are made by Asus. And although made for use by kids, they are full blown netbooks, fully capable of performing all the functions needed from the latest trend of mobile computing. The Disney Netpals are equipped with 1.6 GHz Intel Atom CPU, 1GB memory, 160 GB hard drive, wifi, Win XP, and more.

Really cool Mickey Mouse logo as camera and medica controller
Really cool Mickey Mouse logo as camera and medica controller
Disney Netpal Magic Blue
Disney Netpal Magic Blue

Tough with Spill-proof Keyboard

Still, since the Disney Netpal is designed for use by very young and often clumsy people (young kids), Asus and Disney anticipated a few things. After all, kids are kids and electronic gadgets are not often built safely with them as main users. For example, the Disney Netpal have a spill-proof keyboard.  We know that kids spill a lot.  They can't help it.  But this netbook is ready.

Also, we know that kids drop things all the time. It's very hard to predict when.  Almost any circumstance can lead to dropping a valuable item.  For example, when not paying attention, a netbook could be pushed off the table the child is working on.  Also, running with an expensive gadget like a netbook could lead to dropping it, e.g. "Hey mom, look what I did!  *SPLAT*  Ooops..."  Great thing that the Disney Netpal has reinforcement designed to protect or mitigate against these type of accidents.

Online Safety Measures Provided

As mentioned earlier, the Disney Netpal is a full blown netbook. This means that children can use it to surf online and interact with websites over the web. And with that, there are an increasing number of issues over safety in online activities.

The Disney Netpal has features letting parents set up the websites their children can see or which software applications their kids can use. The parents can also control when and how long the Disney Netpal can be used by their children. And finally, parents are able to make a list that their children can send and receive emails.

The Princess Pink Disney Netpal is looking quite like the right gift for the right girl (Magic Blue is the other color).  It's not a toy, but a fun early learning device with safety features that could help in stirring a young creative mind.


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