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Disney Princess Nesting Dolls

Updated on January 8, 2015
Disney Princess Nesting Dolls
Disney Princess Nesting Dolls | Source

Buy Disney Princess Nesting Dolls Online

Children love to play with Russian nesting dolls or matryoshkas to give them their real name. Opening up the doll to find another one inside is such fun, it’s like a combination of the stack and sort toys available and a doll all in one! If your child loves the Disney Princesses then she’ll adore a Disney princess nesting doll.

Nesting dolls have been coveted since the late 1800s in Russia and generations of parents have seen their children’s face light up in wonderment the first time they are shown these nesting dolls.

The Disney Princess nesting dolls haven’t been around for quite that much time! They are a great combination for any little princess to own however. As a toy and a bedroom ornament any one of these Disney Princess nesting dolls are sure to be a hit.

Disney Princess Nesting Dolls on Amazon

Amazon have a lovely collection of nesting dolls including the fantastic Disney Princess nesting doll (featured in the introduction) that shows Cinderella on the outside. When Cinderella is opened, however, she reveals Snow White. Snow White in turn opens up to reveal Ariel who reveals Jasmine who reveals Barbie (not actually a Disney Princess, but sure to be a surprise!)

This set is both hand made and hand painted and would make a wonderful gift for any little princess. A nesting doll is something that has often been kept into adulthood and handed down to the next generation.

If you can’t give your little princess her own Disney Princess bedroom to reign over then selecting a few Disney Princess goodies to decorate her existing room will definitely help. There are many things you could purchase such as a Disney Princess jewelry box or snow globe, but one which will be a huge hit is a Disney Princess nesting doll.

I can still remember loving these nesting dolls when I was younger. For some reason I didn’t think about them when my daughter was younger, but a couple of years ago my friend brought one for her young daughter – well! She is very upset that she didn’t buy two because her daughter wouldn’t put it down. My daughter also loves playing with it when we visit. Fast forward a year and she now has two nesting doll sets and her young brother is now also playing with them.

What’s the moral of the story? Buy a child a nesting doll and they will get a LOT of pleasure out of them. Now if you combined the nesting doll with something else they enjoy it would be like icing on a cake which is where these dolls come in.

You can choose their favorite Disney Princess whether that's Cinderella or Snow White or someone else, alternatively you can get them a set like the one featured in the introduction which has a few of the different princesses in the same set.

Of course don't feel limited to Disney Princesses if you have other children as well you can get a range of different Disney themed nesting dolls from Mickey Mouse to Cars as well so you can get them all their favorites.


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