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DmC: Devil May Cry Gamerguides Review

Updated on March 16, 2013

Devil May Cry DmC is a prequel for all DmC games released by CAPCOM. You will noticed the relationship of twin brother Dante and Vergil on this game is really different from Devil may cry 3. If someone remembers the story of DMC: 3, Its the story of Dante against his twin brother to stop him to open the portal from hell sealed by their father sparda. They are fighting each other because Dante is a Devil hunter on that game. But here they team up to beat devils. Dante is still cool however I think he hates having a white hair like on the previous installment of Devil may cry. And he still use twin pistols Ebony and Ivory and the most famous sword of Dante the Rebellion.

Most of DMC gamers who played DmC 1,2,3 and 4. knew that Dante is Half Human and Half Demon. Here he's half human and half angel. Dante and Vergil are Nephilim, its an ancient combination of two powers from their father which is a demon and an angel mother. Nephilim like them are capable of killing the demon king, Mundus.
At the start of DmC, Dante and Vegil worked together to stop Mundus. Vergil asked help from Dante to deal with Mundus and He also help him to remember what happened about their past and enhanced its power.

CAPCOM and Ninja Theory did a great job on excellent fighting and combo creation. Its not actually disregard the combo system of previous devil may cry series. They improved it.

Each mission, Dante fights in its human form, that's the default form. And armed with Rebellion sword and other weapons that you've got for every missions. Compared to previous DmC's this one is very excellent when you see Dante hack and slash the enemy. He has a lot of variations using his combo with style. You also won't have any problems with the controls because it was included on the move list. If you forgot the command, pause the game and select move list. You'll also feel the intensity when slashing enemies and performing combos.

Dante has two forms in devil may cry. Angel form and Demon form. Unlike the previous DmC dante only had one form which is the demon form. Changing between this form will allow you to use different weapons. Using angel form allows you to have fast and effective weapons for hordes of enemies. For demon type weapons, it has the power to smash and kill enemies with a couple of blows but the only problem is its really slow. There are no limit on changing the form from demon to angel or vice versa. So you can interchange its form based on your enemies or playstyle.

If your having difficulties on airborne type of monsters. You can use the weapons to grapple or pull them. I believe its much more similar to God of War. Its like kratos pulling or grappling the enemy. You can use this to pull other things to be your platform on some obstacles on this game.

Combos will determine the points after you've finished each mission. It was like the previous devil may cry games but unlike them after finishing each level. You can send your own points to the scoreboard so you would be able to see how good you are compared to other players around the world.

If you feel that this game is easy, well you are wrong. DmC has 5 levels of difficulty. Once you've unlocked Son of Sparda's difficulty. You'll noticed that demons are stronger and they will re-spawn very often.

Another thing Ninja Theory add was the Training mode. You can do anything you want on a demon. Practice your timing, execution and combos here will be very helpful on the actual battle especially when you would like to go on harder difficulty.

Combo system, excellent graphics and gameplay, decent well written story. DmC has it all however one thing I noticed. It doesn't have any lock-on control button to target a specific enemy. I believe Ninja theory should work on this one, because if there will be a hordes of demons and your strategy would be focusing on one demon. That would be a big problem on your end.

Overall, This game has a lot of interesting stuff playing this one, like getting more orbs, upgrading the weapons and abilities into max level and I'm really hook with the combo system. I really feel the way Dante slash every pieces of them. You can also beat this game 10-12 hours on the first try but it depends on you on more challenging difficulty.

Top of the line Hack and Slash game. Capcom and Ninja Theory didn't disappoint Devil may cry fans in this game.

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