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Do you want a Fisher Price iXL Learning System?

Updated on January 21, 2012

Why the iXL?

What I'm talking about today is a Fisher-Price I xl learning system.

Basically this device is a game that also is a learning device. The crux of this thing is we want to get our kids playing this game and while they play the game they're going to learn. Kids like playing games, and if they learn while playing, it tends to work better then handing them a book and telling them to have at it. Being a Fisher Price product, it isn't like thowing a kid on the X-Box where they may be killing zombies or something else violent.
I know some of the marketing material for this game touts it as alternative to the PlayStation and other game consoles for a young child. This system is meant for children 3 to 7 years old. It looks like a book when it's folded up and then transforms into a game.

The game features a touchscreen so it's not hard for the child to operate.
The base system includes one interactive story and activity, one learning game, writing activities, art tools and stampers, musical samplers, sample photos, and it's easy to add more.

The device is six and one-it features

  1. digital reader,
  2. a game player,
  3. a notepad where kids can practice writing letters and numbers,
  4. the art studio where kids can draw anything they can think of,
  5. MP3 player
  6. photo viewer,.

For $79 is a pretty intriguing device for your child. It can be found a few places for the list price, but many places are selling it for more since it is a hot item. You can also buy all kinds of accessories for the unit.

A Review of the iXL


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